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The king of Chinese or Japanese Thin Cleavers the Sugimoto # 7

I’ve had this king of cutters for a while and I’ve made no bones about it I’m a big Gyuto,Cleaver, Nakiri kind of guy because there’s nothing from chopping the smallest clove of garlic to the Biggest hunk of roast beast into see threw cuts if needed. 32 more words

Chef Knives

Research for Part 3: Traces of Time

Project 1: The frozen Moment

There is a pleasure and a beauty in this fragmenting of time that had little to do with what was happening. 1,742 more words


Obsessive artists/collectors

I don’t know why the Barbican gallery headlined their exhibition ”Magnificent Obsessions”, but the second part of the title gives a better idea of what to expect: ”The Artist as Collector”.

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Contemporary Art

sugimoto: the undecidability of seascapes

Searching for the Lacanian Real within the frames of Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Seascapes (1980-2002) is as quixotic as the transubstantiation of the same through language. In his photographs nothing deviates from the studium.  1,433 more words


The One Named Joey

There is one named Joey who pulls himself around by his feet, his head lolled back in his moving chair …


like a hunched man who never sees the sky he stares at the ceiling never seeing the floor … 277 more words


Time exposed

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Revolution 002, 1990, N. Atlantic Ocean, Newfoundland, Gelatin silver print, 94 x 47″, © 2012 Hiroshi Sugimoto.

[W]hen reality is folded over to cover the ideal of which we have so long been dreaming, it completely hides that ideal, absorbing it in itself, as when two geometrical figures that are congruent are made to coincide, so that there is but one, whereas we would rather, so as to give its full significance to our enjoyment, preserve for all those separate points of our desire, at the very moment in which we succeed in touching them, and so as to be quite certain that they are indeed themselves, the distinction of being intangible.

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