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Autumn Harvest Festival

I recently went to the Miki Autumn Harvest Festival in a town called Miki City. For this post, I did some research on Japanese festivals and the… 267 more words

Chew that gum - it's good for you!!

Finally it’s out in the open – the secret to effortless weight loss!!

Japanese researchers have been conducting a study on obesity, walking and so on and so forth; and they recently published the results in the Medical Journals. 538 more words

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I don’t even know what this word means, but I see it being used a lot when referring to something unique and eye catching.

If we take a look at Urbandictionary dot com, it says: Japanese equivalent of either “awesome” or “awful”. 49 more words


12 Days of Anime 2017, Day 12: Welcome to Youkoso Japari Park

Every now and then a series comes around that in adition to its own strong points is elevated by something entirely seperate. The atmosphere. that rose up around Kemono Friends was one such elevation. 230 more words

12 Days Of Anime

Kishimoto’s Message On New Sci-Fi Manga?

Kishimoto’s Message On New Sci-Fi Manga?

The creator of the critically acclaimed manga Naruto is ready to move on and working on a new science fiction manga, this new sci-fi manga will be released monthly manga that Masashi Kishimoto claims that this manga will be greater than Naruto. 150 more words

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Winter Gear Review: Sugoi Zap Subzero Gloves & Rapha Oversocks

It’s getting gold here in the mid-Atlantic. That means long-sleeve jerseys, layers, tights, and bandit-style neck/face coverings. Most of all, for me at least, it means cold feet and hands. 486 more words

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On Looking

(Photo, sugoi.com)

Ever since Randy died, riding a bike has been different. I haven’t been afraid, exactly. Nor frantic. Just edgy.

A gravel road I don’t know well will come to a T, and there I am—staring at the kind of paved, shoulderless county road I no longer want. 825 more words