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A Case for the Useless and Things Unsaid

Cidarth Sajith, Research Intern, ICS

The 2012 documentary ‘The Act of Killing’, in which the perpetrators of the 1965 anti-communist purge of Indonesia, re-enact and dramatize their killings is not only held by many as an audacious documentary that oversteps into the obscene due to the very gleefulness with which the protagonists oblige, but also draws consternation over the impunity and reverence with which they are held. 845 more words


Hoaxes from the Top of the Ladder

A “hoax” in common Indonesian parlance is equivalent to the American terms of “fake news” and “alternative facts.” They are quintessentially falsehoods or deviations from truths—minor or major—spread about by multiple sources, with either clear or vague purposes. 2,480 more words

History Behind The Book: The 1965 Indonesian Massacres

I’m happily reading Black Water by Louise Doughty when I come across cryptic references to monumental events occurring in Indonesia in 1965 and 1998.  Huh? 560 more words

Coming (back) to Jakarta

This week, files concerning US involvement in the massacres following the anti-communist coup in Indonesia led by General Mohammed Suharto in 1965 were declassified. Their reception illuminates both that dark time and… 110 more words

The Brouillon

52 years after fascist genocide, Indonesians scared of “communist ghosts”

From Jakarta and Yogyakarta: Andre Vltchek

It was once again a hot, muggy day in Jakarta. The air was full of pollutants, epic traffic jams blocking entire center of the city. 2,984 more words


The Rising of Britain’s ‘New Politics’

by John Pilger

Delegates to the recent Labour Party conference in the English seaside town of Brighton seemed not to notice a video playing in the main entrance. 2,202 more words

Empire Watch

Keturunan Soekarno yang Tau Diri


Dijaman Suharto, semua buku atau tulisan yg berisi sisi negatif Sukarno pasti akan diberangus & dibungkam. 109 more words