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I have meant for some time to recommend Joshua Oppenheimer’s two documentaries about the deaths of more than 1 million people in Indonesia in 1965-6, at the time when Suharto came to power. 307 more words


"Is there a future?" A Poetic Observation of 1960's Indonesia by Angelina Fajardo

At A Glance

Indonesia is a country that experienced severe political turmoil for the past century or so. From a peaceful community of Muslim inhabitants, to a colonized territory for the Netherlands, then a puppet under Japanese rule during the World War II, and finally suppressed people under a local military regime before gaining their complete independence/freedom in the late 80’s in tackling other various issues. 1,766 more words

South East Asia

Mengungkap Fakta Dalang Kerusuhan Mei 1998

Pengkaderan Kasebul

Saya menempuh pendidikan di sekolah milik Cosmas Batubara, tokoh eksponen’66 yang menghadiri rapat di rumah Fahmi Idris yang juga dihadiri Sofyan Wanandi. Rapat mana untuk pertama kalinya Benny Moerdani mengungkap rencana menggulingkan Presiden Soeharto melalui kerusuhan rasial anti Tionghoa dan Kristen (Salim Said, Dari Gestapu Ke Reformasi, Penerbit Mizan, hal. 2,405 more words


The rape of East Timor: "Sounds like fun"

by John Pilger

Secret documents found in the Australian National Archives provide a glimpse of how one of the greatest crimes of the 20th century was executed and covered up. 1,606 more words


Donald Finnaeus Mayo about writing FRANCESCA

FRANCESCA: Genesis of an idea

It’s easy to forget just how different the world was back in the mid-1970s. No mobile phones, no internet, no Starbucks on every street corner. 522 more words

Contemporary Fiction

Suharto and Haze

History is very important to see important factors in one problem. If we want to understand the haze conflict, we can look on history. Let’s talk about Suharto administration. 717 more words

Environment&Human Rights

The rape of East Timor 'sounds like fun'

This was greeted in the Western press as “a gleam of light in Asia” (Time). The BBC’s correspondent in South East Asia, Roland Challis, later described the cover-up of the massacres as a triumph of media complicity and silence; the… 1,677 more words