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Heads from the North

Art galleries can often be controversial and political. That’s why they exist, isn’t it?

One of the National Gallery of Australia’s most political, controversial and poignant pieces is to be found within its delightful… 386 more words


Pramoedya's own retrospect

“We hardly know anything about the world, and the world knows nothing about Indonesia.”

Pramoedya Ananta Toer (1925-2006) is the only Indonesian writer (if not the only writer about Indonesia) with an international reputation. 821 more words


Breaking the Silence on 1965 CIA Coup (and Genocide) in Indonesia

The Look of Silence

Directed by Joshua Oppenheimer (2014)

Tuesday night, Maori TV showed Joshua Oppenheimer’s 2014 ground breaking documentary about the 1965 Indonesian genocide instigated by the CIA. 222 more words

Hidden History

Le' Notes #31: Theoretical interpretations of Indonesia's politics

This post discusses the theoretical interpretations of Indonesian politics from the New Order to the ongoing Reformasi era.

The first leg of my journey starts with understanding the different theoretical interpretations of Indonesia’s political system. 2,736 more words

Academic Notes

TDISH: Bloodshed in Indonesia

On October 1, 1965, the kidnapping six high ranking Indonesian generals was discovered by government authorities in Jakarta prompting a massive response.  As anti-communist authorities scrambled to respond, one of their number General Suharto took control of the situation and blamed his rival, the PKI – the Indonesian Communist Party, which was tied “30th September Movement” that claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.  103 more words

This Date In Strange History

Dalih Pembunuhan Massal : Gerakan 30 September dan Kudeta Soeharto – John Roosa

Teman kantor: “Lagi baca buku apa kamu Mas Soni?”

Saya: “Ini (menunjukan kover bukunya)”

Teman kantor: “Astagfirullah, judulnya Dalih Pembunuhan Massal. Mas Soni mah puasa-puasa bacaannya macam begituan. 2,999 more words

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