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Kay Wood






Who am I? I am a Southern Bell in my early fifties. I am a happily married wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and many other things…… 115 more words

the wonderful thing about tigger

Carl climbs back into bed and slowly pulls the covers up to his chin. He’s a frail, tentative man in his forties, skin like parchment paper, his teeth sharp and defined. 527 more words

Sketches From My Work In Community Health

Fatal Accident

My brother suffered a fatal accident.

He made a suicide attempt, jumping off a cliff in his beloved Hawaii. I am reassured by the Lord that in the 10 seconds or so that he had to think about it, he changed his mind; but there was nothing he could do to stop the downward fall. 14 more words

Mental Journeys

A Punch in the Gut

My friend Izzy died yesterday morning. He was forty years old. He was waiting for a liver transplant that the hospital had denied him because of his history with alcohol- which caused his liver failure to begin with. 1,021 more words

LIVE AND LET LIVE (How a suicide attempt saved my life)


One of the biggest fears that many of us have is the fear of death. Perhaps this is because of the uncertainty that comes with what happens after we die. 1,201 more words


My mission statement

To share myself with others…

There has to be some sort of limit on that. I can’t just share everything, can I? I don’t think I’m reasonable enough for that. 162 more words

In the beginning...

Kay’s Story

It is tempting to think that the first sign of trouble was the phone call telling us that Kay was planning to end her life that night.  424 more words