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Just Need to Talk

Every Sunday morning I go see Zane after the gym. Sometimes I just stand, sometimes I sit, other times I talk. This time I had a full on conversation. 659 more words

Suicide Awareness

Numero uno? Una.


I’m ‘Una’. Amelia’s big sister. I set up the blog and so you have heard quite a bit from me already. Like Amelia I’m nervous of putting such personal perspectives out into the world, especially considering that we’re very much still on the road to recovery. 549 more words

Brian "Motumbo" Augustine Joins Our Commentary Team

We are so happy to announce our second member of the commentary team for the 2019 Hunter Burton Memorial Open. Returning for the second year, Brian “Motumbo” Augustine will join DeQuan Watson as our first official stream team. 346 more words

Event Details

Raising Awareness

I am reblogging Accidental Blogger’s (from Writing my Heart Out) post as a promise to raise awareness. If you have recurring thoughts about it, please reach out and talk to someone at  977 more words


Truce: Making Peace with Bipolar Disorder

I don’t remember the person I was before I found out I was sick. I don’t remember what I was like. How my eyes would light when someone would say my name. 658 more words


I Do Not Want This - a poem about.........

When you get too near
can you not see the tear
that exists on my face
as if tattooed in place.

It trickles down my skin… 65 more words


Stop The Stigma

August 22nd, 2018; A day that forever changed my family.

I’ll never EVER forget the phone call I received from my mom that summer day. The tone of her voice, barely being able to speak through the tears, “they found Cory dead.”, the four words she managed to get out. 672 more words