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Life After Suicide: what I've learned after 6 months.

As life continues on after my father took his life I’ve learned quite a bit… Not much of it is pretty. And I’m not sure its helpful. 485 more words

A word to the bullies of the world... 

Like it took me 3 full days to write this post. Usually if I’m sitting down to write  something I have it done in about an hour. 2,175 more words


Bakryu Sentai Abaranger VS Power Rangers Dino Thunder

How’s it going everyone? Before we get started with this, I want to talk about something that haunts me to this day, suicide. Every day lots of people leave notes, make attempts and kill themselves. 713 more words

Move Forward

Let’s face it, it’s hard to chase after our dreams. The Disney method of believing seems to be impossible. We all have desires and callings for greater things, and God has designed us to have this passion burning within us. 1,561 more words

Joe, 33, Ohio, USA

“For a majority of my life, I have been dealing with depression.

I’ve been well overweight since childhood, and that was a huge target for relentless ridicule back then. 589 more words


On Depression, Part 2.

Dear Daniel,

Sometimes it takes a while for me to realize I’ve hit a depressive funk. It’s become subtle (which is better than the crippling, obvious depression). 90 more words