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Suicide Awareness & Prevention

​My next project:

-> convince 2 million people to donate 1 dollar/euro for an app that would monitor mental health of an individual and would thus help prevent suicides all over the world… 17 more words

creeping in

I feel it again. The darkness blanketing my soul. An ugly reminder that depression lays waiting for my weakness, so it can take over my mind and body. 139 more words

Suicide Awareness

And so she placed a semicolon at the end of her sentence and turned the page

If I were to think of my life as a book, it would be infinite. I would never run out of pages to write new things on, nor would my pen ever go dry. 1,297 more words

Mental Illness

Speak Up or Shut Up

Warning: May Have Triggering Content

When I was in High School I had a friend who went to a very esteemed private school. At his school he had to do a challenging science project, much more than the typical baking soda volcano. 2,741 more words



you think I’m crazy
all the best people are
tell the psychiatrist somethings wrong
You like me best when I’m off my rocker

Suicide Awareness


places places, everyone thinks that we are perfect, be a good sister

hey girl

perfect family

go back to being plastic

Suicide Awareness