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You are so loved

First off, I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted on here in a while; my life has been very unexpectedly crazy. On July 15th, one of my best friends, Kaleigh, who has appeared on this blog many times, committed suicide. 232 more words

Reach Out For Help

I have a lot of emotions going on right now with the news that a friend has very recently killed himself.  I am at a loss of words with the whole situation.   188 more words

Suicide Awareness

Teenage Tearaways or Suffering Silently?

Being a teenager is tough. Whether you’re reading this in nostalgia or you are going through it now, as a teenager you are seeking your own identity in the world, your hormones are raging and you have so much pressure around you from every direction, you never quite feel secure.  1,283 more words


the semicolon project

Today I went to a tattoo artist, and for $60 I let a man with a giant Jesus-tattoo on his head ink a semi-colon onto my wrist where it will stay until the day I die.  1,474 more words

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It's time we talk about this Church. 20% of youth ages 13-18 are suffering from a mental condition, aka depression or anxiety. Over 18% of us suffer from Anxiety alone according to NAMI. This is one of the most honest posts I have read about what it feels like to live like this. How are we helping?    

Dealing with Loss

For my series, I’ll be talking about my own personal stories, as well as any stories people are willing to share with us. I wanted to start off with a very touching, but very sad story. 542 more words

Mental Health

It's OK to not be OK

I remember a few weeks back reading an article on ESPN about Madison Holleran. While reading it there was a quote that I connected with and has since stuck with me: 568 more words

Loss and Hope: How the suicide of one teen is bringing change and awareness

When someone commits suicide, the central question loved ones seek to answer is “why?” Understanding suicide, however, is akin to making sense of the nonsensical. It simply defies reason, logic and — for many — closure. 306 more words

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