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Pike County Preacher

My memories of the hours and days after my mother’s death are random and they seem like a lifetime ago, yet they are as vivid as if they occurred yesterday.   863 more words


Should've, Could've, Would've

Today, I wake up with a pit in my stomach. I feel sick. 365 days ago my dad was still alive, but only for a few more hours. 1,078 more words


Runner's World on Gabe Proctor: Ethiopian Adoptee, Championship Runner, Suicide

Gabe Proctor lived a short, loving, and complex life. Adopted from Ethiopia around age 10 after his mother died, he grew up in Vermont, went to college in Kansas and Colorado, became a championship runner, worked hard to support his family in Ethiopia, and died by suicide at this past May at age 27. 580 more words


Ren's Reason Eight


I love the works of Monet, who painted the world like a realistic dream­­. The outline of reality is still there, but there is a beauty in capturing a simpler form, capturing the essence of the moment rather than its every detail as one would in a photograph. 45 more words

Suicide Awareness

A Bright Sunny Day

A bright sunny day
A peaceful stroll through the park
When the sky started to gray
And all of a sudden, my world grew dark

I increased my pace… 109 more words


Good Luck - a poem about.........

Empty – why do I feel like it’s my fault?
Head’s gone – yet I’m blamed for this shit.
You act – trying to be all fake, loving and concerned, 101 more words


Ren's Number Seven

Old books

I love browsing the shelves of an antique store for old children’s encyclopedias, collections of fairytales from far off places, or unique texts that capture my interest. 38 more words

Suicide Awareness