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The Recovery of Ausome: What Does It Mean?

Austin has been extubated again today! We arrived to see him getting a breathing treatment, and the staff encouraging him to swallow some of his salivae. 262 more words

Burn Victims

Melinda's Reason Twenty


There’s something relaxing in the crackle of a well-contained fire, and the playing light of the coals left behind. A campfire is ideal for relaxed fellowship.  17 more words

Suicide Awareness

Melinda's Reason Nineteen

Lake Ontario

What can I say? I love spending time near the water. Lake Ontario isn’t the largest of the Great Lakes, but it’s the one I live near. 34 more words

Suicide Awareness

Melinda's Reason Eighteen


Sound boring? It can be, but it’s my favorite form of exercise. Feeling stuck? Get up and go for a brisk walk. Sometimes an amble, soaking in the sights and sounds around you is a great mental-health break, too. Breathe…

Suicide Awareness

So Far Away

Christmas should be fun and exciting. Christmas should be about love. But he’s so far away.

Every day is getting harder. The waves are crashing against the rocks like my emotions are crashing against my heart. 876 more words

Suicide Awareness

Words heal. But they also hurt

You’re living your life every single day. You do stuffs. You hangout with people. You hang out with your pets. You socialize (doesn’t matter if it is in person or online). 532 more words


Last night I had a really meaningful conversation with my twin sister about the passing of our brother. You see, he passed away a few years ago – January 11, 2018 will be the four-year mark – and more often than not I live in a state of disbelief that he’s really gone. 336 more words

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