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Six years of fighting depression


Depression for me started off as a realisation that everything in my life was fragile. That everyone was going to die, everyone was eventually going to leave in some way. 813 more words


Dear Daniel,

I found this picture the other day. It’s the way I like to remember you. Full of life and laughter and love. I still wonder sometimes if anything could have been done to save you. 373 more words


It's OK not to be OK

I’d be lying if I said I ever expected to be writing this down on my blog. However, I want to be 100% transparent when it comes to my mental health, because if listening to me talk (or type) about what goes on in my head, then I’m happy to know I’ve helped them. 499 more words


Rob's Reason Twenty-Two

I’m looking forward to being a cyborg or a “brain in a jar.” As you might have noticed above, a lot of my gripes with the world involve the hindrances and pains of my body. 48 more words

Suicide Awareness

In Memory Of... (Suicide Awareness Piece)

When is the best time to think about death? Certainly not when you’re young.

Definitely not when you’re stressing out because of workload.

Then when? 101 more words


some shitty poem/angry about kids dyin/theres gotta be something to live for

i dont got my shit figured out by any means

but i got legs

and a means to succeed

doin well in life dont mean shit… 120 more words


Rob's Reason Twenty-One

Lately I can add that I’m close to accomplishing a few of the things that I always wanted to, and thought had been rendered beyond my reach. 73 more words

Suicide Awareness