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My Story Isn't Over

A few people have told me I shouldn’t share this story.  Some fear it will give people ideas.  Others think it is too shameful to share.   1,169 more words

From The Heart

Reason Fifteen

My sister’s daughter, my niece, is just seven years old and already she’s a pistol of a girl.  She’s just like Summer was as a kid—stubborn, headstrong, and softhearted. 37 more words

Suicide Awareness

Bahama Mama

I don’t want this page to be just a bunch of depressing posts. Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs. So this blog will be much of the same. 391 more words


Reason Fourteen

My sister, Summer Dianne Liddell King, is going to rule the art world someday—she already designs t-shirts for one of the most successful clothing companies in Mississippi, Southern Belle Originals. 41 more words

Suicide Awareness

I Will Rise: Lauren's Story

Author: Lauren S.

Mental illnesses are becoming more and more common. In my honest opinion, I feel that everyone deals with a mental illness at some point in their lives; however, no matter what disorder someone may be battling, there is always a possibility to recover. 618 more words

Eating Disorders

Reason Thirteen

My dad has had a hard time of it most of his life. He grew up poor in Choctaw County, Mississippi and started working for pay at the age of 11 to earn his keep as the youngest in a family of seven kids.  114 more words

Suicide Awareness

Reason Twelve

My mom always fought for me to do my best in life when I was a kid. I was born with congenital nystagmus, an eye disease that causes double vision.  107 more words

Suicide Awareness