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My Darkest Truth: Maggie Day’s Story

This past week, I binged watched the second season of 13 Reasons Why. Some of it, I couldn’t relate to because I had a much different high school experience, I thank God and my praying mother for that. 2,557 more words

check in.

TW — Mention of suicide & suicidal thoughts. 


We live in an ever-changing world, I mean duh, but hear me out. 586 more words

Depression: The Monster Among Us

“I am depressed”. “Are you in depression?” Depression! Depression! We have been hearing this word a lot more recently. It’s a mental state which is very difficult to explain.

112 more words

Come on mate, what are you thinking????


It’s a word which is constantly repeated at me when I’m told not to do it. Don’t sit there and ruminate. Great advice in theory but have you ever tried not to do something that your entire being is telling you to do? 1,444 more words

It’s enough to drive you crazy, if you let it

Having children is the happiest time of your life. Or having children is the biggest blessing you’ll ever have. Or having children will make you a better person. 734 more words


It's Still July

Not even two weeks into July…

I’m not taking this month too well. Every morning is hard. Every night is equally difficult. Even Mia is acting strange. 390 more words

Suicide Awareness

An interesting snippet

This is taken from the Joe Rogan experience podcast.