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Don't fix it, if it isn't broken.

Since me and my fiancé have been together, I have had a mixed reaction to telling people about his bipolar disorder. There are the people who think how wonderful it is that we work through it together and find me very supportive. 396 more words

All the seasons.

This post is going to be about why you should stay alive. I know there are many blogs and articles out there like this, but I hope the way I go about it changes your mind. 432 more words

When you've exhausted all possibilities, remember this; you haven't.

I want to start off by saying, wow thank you all for reading my posts. When I started this blog, I did not expect to get the feedback I have so quickly. 526 more words

Moving On

Those next few days were all new territory for me. After reading my last post you would think everything was honky dory and I lived happily ever after. 1,238 more words

Mental Health

Finding God

September 21st, 2018

So, at the age of 31 I have been through my fair share of tragedy.  From loosing my father at the age of 9, my grandmother at 11, my uncle at 12, my cousin at 15, my grandmom at 24, my grandfather at 28, and a handful of friends along the way I lost a lot of my faith in God and when my brother left the earth I was extremely fearful that this incident would be the straw that broke the camels back and I would lose my relationship with God all together. 220 more words


The Circle of Suicide

September 19th, 2018
It’s been a few weeks since finding out Ricky committed suicide and for me it is beginning to settle in and feel more real than a nightmare. 440 more words


Focus on your goals. Don't look any other direction but ahead.

Well it’s another new year and this time, I want to make it worth something. All my life I never realized how much I have settled and adjusted to everyone else around me. 361 more words