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Treasure Hunt

Spring cleaning is such a dreadful thing to think about. You have to look through old stuff, dust, sweep, everything you’ve put off for a year. 1,794 more words


Novels, and Sequels, and Series, Oh My!

Over the weekend, I spoke with a book club who selected my most recent novel, Suicide Watch, as their book-of-the-month. During our discussion, the first question asked to me by a book club member was, “Is there going to be a sequel?” I was prepared for the inquiry since this is the one question I can always depend on someone asking when I meet a group of readers. 425 more words

Winning At Writing

Adam Johnson placed on 'suicide watch' after saying only visits from his daughter will 'keep him going' in prison

According to reports from Daily Star, convicted footballer Adam Johnson revealed to a friend that only regular visits from one year old daughter Ayla will ‘keep him going’ while he is in prison. 263 more words


As It Should Be

“When you inhale, breathe in the words, the universe is. On the exhale, breathe out, as it should be.”

I’m sitting in my dialectic behavioral therapy meeting on a Tuesday night. 1,313 more words



The knob turned gently as I gripped the cold metal in my hands. The familiar door squeaked as I eased my way back into my kitchen. 1,422 more words


Depression 101

Alright. Take a seat. Pull out the pencils and paper. Pay attention. Remember everything. No pressure.

Since checking in the hospital on suicide watch, I’ve been flooded with love, attention and visitors. 1,905 more words



The glass touched my lips and red poison flowed steadily down my throat. I knew it mixed poorly with my antidepressants but the way alcohol makes me feel is too wonderful to sacrifice. 1,213 more words