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I want to warn everyone that today’s poem is dark and weird so those of you who are interested in only cheerful things may not want to read. 283 more words


Cliff Edge

Last night was awful. I stood on a cliff contemplating my existence and still death seems so appealing.

I told my wife I need some space to deal with my mental health and really get better. 146 more words

Mental Health

time is running out

feelings of joy parade my heart

yet sadness overwhelms it

I felt as if I met my love, one who values me, cherishes me, who treats me like the only one. 327 more words

I'm sorry but I can't hear you.

Telling someone with depression that they are loved, that they are wonderful, and that it will get better is exactly like praising the beauty of a painting to a blind person. 626 more words

Just Me

Expose Yourself to Art

Ramon Santiago was a hell of an artist. Ask anyone. Surely you remember the clown white faces with the dark eyes? Yes, they looked a little like a painting of the 70s glam band, KISS, but this was art. 3,199 more words

Moments That Matter Vol. 33

The boys and I are on Vancouver Island for the final weeks of the wedding season. This past weekend Nana Cheryl had the boys, while I attended my friend Eva’s wedding on Pender Island (more to come on that in another post.) I even got to meet up with friends in Victoria and spend some much appreciated solo time before reuniting with Kane, Mav, and Nana for a little side trip to Saturna Island, while the ferry schedule was on our side. 351 more words

Kristy Wolfe Photography

I will Never Look at The Bridge the Same Way Again...

This post is gonna be very personal and slightly raw. If you would rather not read I’ll understand, in fact I’d suggest you don’t. With that said, I’ve got to get something off my chest. 1,168 more words