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Blown Away: How mental health patients are being treated in the hospital

I am blown away. And not in a good way. I am blown away with how mental health patients are being treated in psychiatric hospitals. … 568 more words

Fixation on the Darkness

Lately it feels like I have just been simply existing.  I have a routine that I stick to pretty regularly in regards to work, who I spend time with and even what I watch, eat and drink.  658 more words



I know it has been well over a week since my last blog post, which can be considered a massive failure when it comes to trying to translate the ideas in your head into written (or, technically, typed) words a step by step, but oh well. 2,052 more words



Let me tell you about James…

About 30 years ago we used to chill in a run-down apartment complex in Northern Virginia. It was the type of place where black and white weren’t the only colors, and Route 1 ran through the center of town, like lines drawn on a school playground- daring, taunting the other side to cross. 251 more words


Static White Sound...

Sour Yellow Sounds Inside My Head.

White noise. Static. Fuzz. Chaos.

That’s how it starts. Slowly creeping up on me. Always from behind. Building slowly. Slowly to a crescendo. 75 more words

Helping Suicide

To every single one of my amazing, followers out there, thank you.

Suicide is a way of ending your own life. Often, it seems to be the only way out. 717 more words


When Things Build Up

After my counseling appointment this week, I walked home instead of trying to take a bus or ask for a ride. It wasn’t that these weren’t options, but I knew I needed to walk to be out in public for as long as I could be. 1,958 more words