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Day 653

A note out of Saagar’s memory book from University:

“So, I have a memory I’d like to share. We were in the room above Saagar’s on C Curve and somebody was jumping up and down on the floor. 414 more words

Let Me Emerge A Butterfly

I’m a worm

trapped in a cocoon of



No! Don’t try to

open me up.

I’ll die!


me emerge, through painful

transformation, 14 more words

Not my day to die

Yesterday I was thinking, as I often do, about how much better it would be for people who love me if I wasn’t around.

Sometimes just trying to function day to day with HD, I screw up things around me so badly that the only way I can see to make the pain and shame of it stop is to end my life. 160 more words


Yesterday something big and brilliant and huge and important happened for me.

I was discharged from the care of my psychiatrist.

This is a big deal – because I haven’t ever been discharged from the care of a psychiatrist because I’m doing well enough to leave and fend for myself in the wild anymore. 464 more words

[blog]: The Most Interesting Suicide Note

This morning, I found the most interesting suicide note, and have decided to share this with my readers. There will be links available at the bottom. 348 more words


Trigger warinig self-harm, suicide

Yesterday I wanted to kill myself again. I decided to be alone, listen to some music, and read through my notebook of positive quotes. Why is it so hard not to kill yourself? 303 more words

Mental Health

Saturday Morning Blues

Started off the day I left behind yesterday, will I feel any better? I miss My Moon she’s having so much fun, and I’m left with a gaping hole. 616 more words