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Another Day Without You

You’ve been gone two months today…..sixty-two days to be exact.

And every day, I sit here and think about you. I do the things I’m supposed to do – get up, shower, care for the kids, take them places to enjoy time with them – but you’re always there in my mind, always. 626 more words

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All Child Loss Needs Validation

I am in grief groups mostly because of my twenty year old son who was killed. But during seven years of barrenness, I lost two (I later lost two more). 625 more words

"Mad, Bad, and Sad": The Unholy Trinity of Mental Illness Portrayals

(Trigger Warnings: mentions of asylums, torture, violence, suicide, and mass shootings.)

So you want to write characters who experience mental illness… Well, that’s great.

But be forewarned: there are countless tropes, waiting for you in the shadows, ready to pounce and sink claws into your story–most likely without your awareness (one day we will cover ‘unconscious cognitive biases’)–and cause all sorts of harm. 2,352 more words


This is for you, maybe?

I have received so much positive feedback about sharing my world. I am forever grateful for the kind words and support. This has been a very confronting and harrowing experience, but what I have currently shared has been meticulously thought out, as there are some people I would like to protect, firstly my mum and secondly my children. 966 more words

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Failure by Design

Some people are destined for greatness.

Some people are destined for failure.

Failure is a subject that most will not discuss. We are taught to think positive. 65 more words


Florida man's murder was really elaborate suicide by balloon, police say

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – At 71, Alan Abrahamson had started taking early morning walks, explaining he was hoping to shed the weight he gained on a recent cruise. 309 more words


It’s Just A Car


This past winter I suffered a severe panic attack while driving (which I have talked about before) and it has left me unable to drive more than a few kilometres from my home or outside set parameters.  851 more words

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