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Case Histories of False Rape Accusations (Prepared by William Collins)

Here is the document, “Case Histories of False Allegations of Rape (UK only)”¬†prepared in January 2018 by William Collins, a mathematical physicist, who blogs at… 11 more words

False Accusers

Dad Rapes 13

The tongue pushes into my mouth

I am frozen like ice

I love you

You fumble a hand under my shirt

Nipple hard

Body betrays… 141 more words


One of my many hobbies and interests. I have to give my brain good food. Building model aircraft, and aviation connects me to that little 5 yr old kid inside me. 6 more words



Let us live so that when we come to die even the undertaker is sorry (Mark Twain).¬† I’m not so sure there are very many people who will be sad when I die.¬† 275 more words



I remember this maddening conversation I had with an old friend. She told me that, I can choose to be happy and get out of the sinking hole that is my life. 323 more words


#ThroughTheNight: SOS Suicide Awareness Campaign

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What would you usually be doing at 12am-3am? Many of us would be asleep while a vulnerable group is out there seeking emotional support through the darkest hours. 360 more words

The Good Life

God Is In The Waiting

There have been so many times in my life where I have been living in what seemed at the time a dark and hopeless existence, and I have wondered is this as good as it gets? 1,874 more words