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update #647483 (I lost count, I’m sorry!)

Hey pretty, lovely people,

Just wanted to let y’all know that I just finished up the highlights of 2018 (there are four parts to it) and finished up the song of the year post as well. 643 more words

Don't Leave

Don’t leave me yesterday,
when today
is when I need you.
How could you believe
leaving was easy?
It’s not easy.
It’s not easy at all. 111 more words


All Out of Magic Wands

I want to die right now.

I’m just so fucking exhausted and sick of being in my head, I don’t understand myself and frankly I’ve got no desire to even try to anymore. 845 more words


I’m not sure when I realized I stopped counting the seconds, the minutes, the hours… but I just realized I stopped counting the months at some point. 755 more words

Celebrating International Men's Day

“Making A Difference for Men and Boys”

Monday the 19th of November is International Mens Day. This day marks the culmination of a series of events which highlights serious issues affecting men and boys. 426 more words


Let's celebrate men!

Today, 19 November, is International Men’s Day. This day celebrates worldwide the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities, and highlight positive role models and raise awareness of men’s well-being. 253 more words

Domestic Violence

The Cecil Hotel

The Cecil hotel has been the site of several murders and notable deaths in years prior. By the 1960’s so many people had committed suicide or been murdered at the Cecil that it was being called “The Suicide” in lieu of its proper name. 663 more words

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