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live in a prison of my own creation. I trap myself into a small world with habits and routines. When I stick to the same schedule every day I feel safe. 44 more words


How to look after someone with mental illness

Every day, six Australians will take their own lives—and another 30 will attempt to. But what if someone could be there for them? What if someone could have looked after them? 659 more words


you know what's great? not being an asshole

i really need to practice what i preach. i’m so about self love and acceptance but when it comes down to myself if i was given a gun and a choice to kill donald trump or mel gibson i would shoot myself, because the world would be better off without my ugly mug and bad attitude plaguing this “beautiful” world that we destroyed. 217 more words

Hannah (A Poem)


To a girl I really like and admire and it sucks because she’s really older than me and lives in a far away land and is currently dating someone and it’s technically none of my business and I need to release this cheesy and pointless piece to the world because of my constant need to express my emotions but to be honest I just want her to see this to let her know that she’s lovely.  253 more words


Staring into the eyes of death

I came across a picture last night, a picture that scared me. I used to enjoy things like this, I wasn’t afraid. But something about this picture. 755 more words

Mental Health Month Post #1

“There’s a time to be silly, and there’s a time to be serious.” The Bellybutton Song from Veggietales

After that “Editing Song” post from yesterday, this is my time to be serious.

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