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Suicide Note.

One night, her words won’t rhyme.
Her verses will die a slow death,
a little at a time,
mocking every memory she wrote.
On that night, your poetry will write… 119 more words


Women's mental illness deserves more attention


Clementine Ford

I was 12 years old the first time I experienced significant struggles with anxiety. Although I’d always been a kind of overwrought child, it had mostly manifested in a sort of obsessive hypochondria about my physical well-being. 814 more words


Terribly Tiny Tales #1

She hears one thousand voices every day.

She hears one voice every night.

And one day, she can’t hear the thousand voices anymore.


No Predictions *TW - Suicide*

I made it through the night though the Suicidal Thoughts remain my companion. Part of me does feel motivated to stop them and to scream at them and push them away but I also feel far too weak to do that. 131 more words

The Future is Boiling Water in Your Hands

At the meeting I had suggested we simply give up our current endeavor and give us all a break by filming 24 minutes of water coming to a boil instead of this. 1,850 more words

Stay Strong Fight Your Demon

I made the decision to get help for my alcohol addiction. I know I’m an alcoholic. I know it controls me, and I don’t control it. 935 more words