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The 'M' Word

After 12 years of struggling I’ve decided that I can’t fight this fight alone.

Consecutive years in a row where my anxiety would fill my lungs with sand, silencing my voice… 231 more words


Feeling Defeated.... Again.

To be honest, I’m so sick and tired of people who think it is their way or the highway. More of, I’m sick of my family treating me like a baby rather than an adult. 143 more words


So, the presenting in front of high school students went well. Once I got up there, it wasn’t that bad. I almost enjoyed it. Although, high school kids are rude, they would not shut up. 691 more words



I knew
that what I had for you
was love
I realized
that I was willing
to sacrifice our friendship
in order to save your life. 13 more words


The Blue Embrace

The sea was calling.
As I stood on the edge of the world
I imagined everything suddenly
turning on it's side.
The water below moved over the rocks
like cells dividing, 
and the rocks sang warning to the sea
to open her weary arms
to me.



By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen it going around social media. People posting about being sexually assaulted by saying “me too”.

Though, it’s mostly women posting, I’ve had a few of my male friends posting as well. 283 more words


Part 3: The Unveiling Continued

You are probably wondering where this heightened sexual awareness came from at such a young age, so, I’d like to take you back to the very beginning. 989 more words