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A pine Ridge Problem

Pine ridge: Failure to educate

Lee, Tyrmaine (May 29, 2014) Lee  follows the education the youth of pine ridge


This article follow a 12 year old inhabitants of the pine ridge reservation; Carleigh is a 6th girl who meant the state learning proficiency rate. 365 more words

Do I stay or do I go

I’ve been thinking alot about quitting my job recently and tonight’s ‘deep and meaningful’ conversation with Inamorata hasn’t helped matters – if it wasn’t for my father I’d probably enact my dreams of quitting life altogether, but that path just isn’t an option at the moment. 169 more words

I am Not You: In Response to "Daddy"

I am not you.

I can live

in this black shoe

laced so tight

my toes are blue.

I am not you.

You dug up the earth… 34 more words

Literary Shenanigans

Getting healthy isn't always fun

I am constantly worrying that I’m not being fun enough. When asked what I have been doing lately nobody wants to hear working on my mental health. 249 more words

Find Out If Someone Died In Your House!

By: Rob Stone

Unless you built your home and were the first to live in it, you probably wouldn’t know the history of it. Who lived in the house before you? 137 more words


Final Exam

I can figure this out.
I can answer this question.
I can solve this equation.
I can work out this riddle.
I can break this code. 136 more words


The End Game (incomplete 4)



I hear my voice speak this word and I struggle to comprehend it.
Not that I’m confused by what I said.
Clarity comes like a thunderclap because I said it in response to the question- “What is your drug of choice?” 493 more words