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A week after son commits suicide, Tooele County parents have advice for other families

STANSBURY PARK, Utah – The Thomsen family hopes people will stop being afraid to talk about suicide.

“There’s no shame in helping one another, there’s no shame in battling this monster,” Trace Thomsen said. 317 more words



Alright… day 2? So… I have noticed that when I wake up from my sleep, I feel at peace for about one seconds, and then I realize how I wish I hadn’t woken up. 354 more words


Non-Binary Student Commits Suicide by Cop

Scout Schultz was a 21-year student at Georgia Tech and the leader of the Georgia Tech LGBT Alliance.


I don’t know anything about Scout’s state of mind, but I have to say that this incident isn’t puzzling to me like some such incidents are, because Scout was non-binary, and non-binary people don’t fit anywhere. 389 more words


I Want You to Know

Here’s what I want you to know about my husband’s suicide:

I didn’t see it coming. In retrospect, I can read some of the signs differently, but at the time I did not know he was so close to the edge. 1,005 more words

Looking at Suicide

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of of death in the U.S.*

Each year 44,193 Americans die by suicide*

For every suicide 25 *

The annual age-adjusted suicide rate is 13.26 per 100,000 individuals* 734 more words

Let's talk about the real stuff

I am about to talk about something that makes me extremely uncomfortable. I am about to express things that I cannot say out loud because to me they sound so hollow. 913 more words


The Lunar Eclipse of the Soul

Ends at the Dawn of Awareness.


Lately, I have been really struggling with being present. A dark cloud had descended. A cloud of uncertainty and change. 542 more words