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It’s Not That I Want To Kill Myself, Necessarily

Recently, I Googled, “How much would it cost to go to the ER & tell them I’m feeling a bit suicidal?”

It was one of the bad days, you know? 557 more words

Mental Illness: Lets Talk About It

Mental illness. These words are often the elephant in the room. When these words are spoken it’s as if no one knows what to say. What if you say the wrong thing? 3,026 more words

Life Lessons

We Suffer In Silence

I’ve suffered some severe social anxiety for as long as I can remember. I’ve never really kept it a secret. People close to me, are very well aware of it. 576 more words

I begged for it to Stop.

​Only if time will stop for me,

Maybe today I’ll be able to make my cold bed,

Only if time will stop for me,

I will buy a hammer and smash down my anxieties, 147 more words


What Jobs Have the Highest Rates of Suicide in the United States?

An Amazon worker was recentlyinjured in a suicide attempt after he jumped off a company building in Seattle. Bloomberg reported that the employee had been put on a “performance improvement plan” after asking for a department transfer. 382 more words


Bargaining is the third of the five steps of grieving.  It can feel like a truce.  “What if I give away all of my things?  Can I have everything go back to normal?”  We go through a vicious cycle of “what if…” statements, hoping and praying that we can just get everything to go back to how it was one second before our loved one died.   526 more words

Mental Illness

Off-Topic, But HEY, I Love my kids...

Thoughts on social media and kids:

Sometimes I wonder if, as parents, we should encourage our kiddos to post less on social media. Not necessarily for the reason you may think… I’m thinking of how many times kids get their feelings hurt over friendships and popularity and everyone hanging out without inviting so and so…. 385 more words