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Daniel was a Typical High School Kid

I watched this video and my heart sank. Imagine then, how the mother/family and the neighbour felt. The mother says after her son used a shotgun on himself, the sight she came across was “horrific”. 115 more words


It's ok to not be ok, it's not ok to stay that way

What I’m about to tell you I haven’t told many people. In fact, outside of my therapist, my husband and a couple of close friends, no one else knows, until now. 492 more words


Just A Story #2 - Memories

Our memories make us who we are. I close the book Paine bought yesterday and walk towards the window. The view from up here is breathtaking yet boring at the same time. 309 more words


13 Reasons Why

Welcome back!

Today I’m going to be sharing some of my thoughts about the show that everyone is talking about. I watched it knowing what it was about, so yes, I expected it to be intense. 513 more words


if a human being was brave
enough to open up to you asking you to save
them then how dare you give them the look as if they’ve… 339 more words


Rock Bottom

Nobody sees me
Nobody cares
Nobody listens
Nobody dares
To take another’s burden as their own
So I’ll just nurse my wine and pills alone… 301 more words


परभणी जिल्ह्यातील ही घटना आहे. हनुमान जयंतीच्या दिवशी एका सहावीत शिकणाऱ्या मूलाने स्वतःला पेटवून घेतलं, त्यात तो ८०% भाजला. उपचारादरम्यान त्याचा मृत्यू झाला. कारण होतं, शाळेतील टारगट मूलांच्या ग्रुपनं दिलेला त्रास-मारहाण, वर्गशिक्षकानं समजून न घेता वार्षिक परीक्षेला न बसू देत पालकांकडे केलेली तक्रार. 112 more words