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When you search characteristics of depression, isolation is one of the signs.

Anyone who has ever known me, knows that I do not like being alone, that I enjoy being with people, and that I thrive being centre of attention. 1,369 more words


The dark deep recesses of the mind

I write this post with caution and care for the issue of Germanwings flight 4U9525 is such a sensitive one and behind it all are hundreds of families in deep mourning. 386 more words


Christians, MacGyvers of Faith: Using our God given Resources in all circumstances

Christians are “MacGyvers”. Doubt me? Check out Acts 16 for an action packed escape from prison. PauI and Silas blew up the gates with hymens and prayer. 349 more words


A Desolate Place

One evening after feeling like everything was going wrong, I reached for my Bible.  I just wanted answers, guidance and mostly God’s assurance that everything would be alright. 170 more words

Shame and embarrassment.

I’ve been feeling ashamed of who I am a lot lately. I talk to much. Cuss to much. I over share and I am pretty self centered. 237 more words

Suicide Prevention - depression, despair=self hate (lost)

Suicide still happens, it happens when people do not know themselves or that they really can know themselves. They are not connected to anyone through that feeling of real acceptance, love and joy only despair, misunderstandings, heartbreaks, hate or sadness and should have’s. 1,166 more words