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Gajendra Singh and the theory of ‘creative suicide’

 Dying is an art like everything else. I do it exceptionally well —Syliva Plath


Gajendra Singh, Kalyanwat, the farmer from Dausa in Rajasthan, who committed suicide at the AAP rally in Jantar Mantar on 22 April, is emerging as a symbol of the farmer’s cause. 1,102 more words

Third person plural...

The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

Two things prompted me to promote this novel, which had been in my bedside TBR bookcase for ages, to the top of the pile. 1,047 more words


Suicide Prevention: the Importance of Primary Care Services

Most people who attempt suicide make some type of healthcare visit in the weeks or months before the attempt

The study also identifies racial/ethnic differences that may help to target suicide prevention efforts in the doctor’s office and other health care settings.   344 more words


I don’t really want to die but I have to listen to me think it. Wicks calls them intrusive thoughts, fancying up that my subconscious wants me dead. 72 more words


Suicide Prevention: Every Life is Worth Saving

If you’ve had suicidal thoughts, you’re not weak or flawed, and you’re not alone. Life is rarely easy and no one feels good all the time, but if you feel like you want to die, there is help available. 3,619 more words

One Year On...

So it’s the one year anniversary of my attempted suicide tomorrow…..(Yikes) And I wanted to celebrate (the fact that I’m still alive and have been able to do and see wonderful things and meet wonderful people not the fact that I tried to kill myself I just had to clarify that). 173 more words


French Movie, by David Lehman

I was in a French movie
and had only nine hours to live
and I knew it
not because I planned to take my life… 206 more words