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Creaky depression and the zombie insomnia

I’ve been thinking about insomnia.
It’s not a question of ‘can’t sleep’; that implies something pitiable and noble. No, I have a case of the ‘won’t sleep’s. 486 more words

Mental Illness

Blame me. 

There’s nights I can’t sleep, there’s nights I wish I was dead. Sometimes the night drags out and the voices get clear to hear. Pain becomes stronger and my will to care becomes less. 465 more words

Life after death

People come into our lives and step out of our live. We can only control one side of the relationship. Not many people know, and hardly anyone asks. 369 more words

Dear Mother,

(Please understand this is not an actual suicide letter, it is just a venting and coping tool I use in oder to understand and process the events in my life. 583 more words


it's been about a month.

it’s been about a month since i last visited my blog and even the blogs of those whom i follow with great reason. i hope you all are doing well but i want to make it clear that this is not, in any way, any sort of initiation towards blogging again. 449 more words


The Melting Pot

Overnight I became a mother to a juvenile delinquent.  I was fearful of her breaking my heart and my new role as a mom of a teenager; my other daughters were six and eight years old.  2,201 more words