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September 25, 2016

This is just a quick update.

I’m in Toledo and have been staying at my ma’s apartment. I use that word–apartment–very loosely because it’s barely more than a room. 1,117 more words

Maybe Suicide IS the Answer

“Fuck you”

“There was once a story and around me I see plenty.

I never would have thought there wouldn’t be one for me.”

“Never thought I’d be the one to cut down the family tree” 386 more words

Mixed States and Hypomania

After months of feeling depressed, with suicidal lows, the last few days I can only describe as a mixed state: depressed and elevated at the same time. 176 more words


Astra. She’s my star.

At night you lift your head to the sky and gaze at the universe. After days long looking at the floor, you finally see the lights, the stars, and have hope again. 7 more words



The darkness isn’t so bad
yet so many keep looking for the out
flip the switch                  light returns

It’s not so easy
not so quick… 212 more words


Daunting Times

I feel awfully down.

I haven’t written in a little while because there have been so many changes in my life recently that I’ve been so busy adjusting to. 323 more words


Still Feeling Anxious

Feeling anxious again. Still at Starbucks, & the Wi-Fi connection is very wonky. I need to prep for talking to the legal aid folks early tomorrow, but I don’t think I can when I feel anxious like this. 632 more words