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If you’ve read my first blog post on this site, you’d know how special I treat birthdays. I know the feeling of wanting to end one’s life, so reaching another birthday is really a milestone. 398 more words

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I have not blogged on this blog for urmmmm ages…

I am working and finishing off a few things. Finishing off many things. Never wanted the job as a clown…but juggling seems to be a very skill I have learnt as days have gone by :) 34 more words


For Part 4 of my Suicide FX series, I have decided to create a look for one of the most popular/common method, which is slitting the wrist. 287 more words


Depression Doesn't Make You Stupid

(Trigger warning: suicide)

Of all the idiocy around common thinking about suicide, nothing annoys me more than this little gem:

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

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A Hint Of Vanilla

Anhedonia part2

Warning, dark. Proceed with caution. Faint hearts retreat.

If you have never experienced depression or anxiety, I will try and explain it, but there is no description to adequately portray the devil it is. 625 more words


How are you? 

What I mean when I say “I’m ok but also probably objectively not”.

I can talk to people now,

I don’t spend most evenings sobbing into my pillow unable to sleep, 158 more words