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The First Week

My first week of freedom after escaping my abuser was surreal. I had expected to feel relieved, excited, and in control. Instead I felt like I’d been unceremoniously dropped on an alien planet – with neither crewmates to assist me, nor training in how to navigate this unfamiliar world. 2,020 more words

Coercive Control

To be Published in ROOM Magazine...

Imagine a rainforest, and a whole valley of waterfalls, with Argentina on one side and Brazil on the other. Water, tinged brown from the jungle floor, so big and so fast and so loud that it feels more alive than your own beating heart. 1,243 more words

Writing Misc.


Prompt Day #300: Write a story from the viewpoint of a groundskeeper at the graveyard – avoiding any of the typical trappings of the horror genre. 2,053 more words

Writing Challenge

it's not a choice.

For anyone who thinks that people “choose” to be depressed, rather than it being a real medical illness, that requires treatment just like any other illness, here’s… 471 more words


MHAM: Jamie's Story

My dear friend has agreed to let me share her story with you for Mental Health Awareness Month.


“I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in an area referred to as the Copper Country. 1,029 more words


Bookworm Bloggin': Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford

Before reading this book, I had anticipated that it would be a serious and deeply meaningful story of recovery and self-discovery. At least, that is my hope for books that address serious topics such as suicide. 711 more words


security guard

(From December 2015)

i’d leave work late a lot of days,
he’d greet me by the door;
he worked security, night-shift,
right there on the ground floor… 122 more words

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