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Two fingers down my throat

Fuck their opinion you say? You say that I shouldn’t care what they think of me, that i should only care of what i think of myself? 618 more words

Subversive Deaths: Shakespeare’s Women and Mortal Agency

characters combine history and real life; they are complete individuals, whose hearts and souls are laid open before us: all may behold, and all judge for themselves. 3,767 more words


For the gardeners and social/food justice folks

I’m looking for ideas and input regarding a small garden I started at work. Let me start with some background info. I live and work in Michigan (just to give you an idea of our climate). 626 more words

Charles Hamilton Makes A Return To The Music Scene And Talks To Billboard About Suicide And His New Song's Place On Fox's "Empire"

“I wanted to commit career suicide, physical suicide, spiritual suicide — I didn’t care anymore,” says Hamilton in his first major interview since 2012, sitting in the Hollywood offices of his new management company, Turn First Artists, whose roster includes…

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I wish I could just take a bunch of pills and end it all. So I don’t have to keep going through life, living lifelessly feeling like I have no control of my life. 157 more words


I'll Die When I Feel Like It, Part I

The right to die is a topic that interests me a great deal, partly because I read about healthcare ethics for fun, and partly because I have some semi-specific thoughts about how I’d like to die (see: this… 404 more words