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I wrote a suicide note tonight.

There aren’t words that exist to tell my kids how much I love them and how sorry I am for killing myself….So I can’t do it.   255 more words

A Rant

Forgive me, for its been 4 months since my last confession

Wow, 4 months have passed since i last wrote on here. Thats crazy! Really 4 months? Just after my suicide attempt, i had so many things i needed to get out of my head, and writing on here made me feel at least someone somewhere was reading it. 410 more words

Mental Health

A new, sad chapter

My husband passed away last Wednesday, 3/15. Hm, that’s delicate. Rather: he decided to take his life.

It’s an emotional time, of course. I am now a widow, a single mother to a lovely nearly-4-year-old girl. 154 more words


Darkest-Or Brightest-Secret

What should I write about? Where does my mind want to wander? What waste bin can I empty here tonight?

Suicide? No, I don’t have it in me to consider the inner workings of the mind and how we decide to kill ourselves. 342 more words



If you have ever been trapped in the cage of your own mind you will understand what this blog is all about.

I know i am a worthless wasted piece of space. 346 more words

Death Planning


I have not fully been following news of late. Anyways, I’m not a fan of news that much, as I’d rather be on a message, than be up by early morning listening to news of this and that. 1,453 more words


Let's Talk

Let’s talk mental health. Let’s talk about the reality. Let’s skip over the romanticism that has risen.

Let’s talk about how on a Saturday night I am sitting in my bed, feeling the strongest suicidal thoughts I have ever experienced. 539 more words

Mental Health