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The reaction to 'Black Guilt' revealed so much and so little pt.2

A stillness that I did not normally associate with the hallways of my school marked the occasion deeply enough that, if I draw my attention back to that point in time, I can feel every sensation as if it were occurring in the present. 1,040 more words


Welcome to Bipolar Road

After years of being an advocate for better access to help with those who struggle with mental health issues, I am finally coming out with my own struggle with bipolar 1 disorder. 97 more words


Carry-on baggage

We all have baggage that we carry around. But unlike at the airport, we can’t just check it. We can stuff it under the seat in front of us or put it in the overhead bin, but it’s still ours. 493 more words


Falling into place

A little while ago, I bought the book Falling into place by Amy Zhang. I had read about it on a few different blogs, and the synopsis left me curious, so I wanted to read it. 166 more words


I Live My Life, You Live Yours

For most of my life I have been a loner.  I still value my solitude and I establish boundaries within which I can live my own life.   1,803 more words


▶ Nothing More - Jenny (Official Video) - YouTube

This is a great song, and cool video, dealing with mental illness. Also, I’ve had this song stuck in my head for about a week, now, so hopefully sharing it will help clear the old mental queue :-)


April 1915: Judas

Dear Arn,

How horrible!  I can imagine but only just imagine.  You didn’t provide much detail, but this much I gleaned from your letter: he was a member of your church; twenty-two years of age; had been emotionally distraught for some weeks; and gyrated between giddy happiness and morose sadness.   361 more words

Romans 3