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Pin Pricks of light

I’ve put off writing this post for several days.  I wrote it in my head many times.  I am now up at 3 AM unable to sleep with the feeling, God won’t let me sleep until I get it done…FINE (Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional.) 673 more words


Assisted Suicide: Dignitas

A couple of years ago, Sir Terry Pratchett made a most moving, and thought-provoking, documentary about an elderly man’s last few days of life, and then assisted-suicide death at the Dignitas Clinic in Zurich. 682 more words


RUOK? No ice required

“No job. Everything’s worse. I’m engaged in responsibilities and I’m trying to sort of indicate to you generally why I am, um, sort of, asking my intention that is I’ve decided to kill myself.

757 more words
New Things


In my travels I’ve run across many “cutters.”

They always made me mad.  I felt like they thought they were special just because they cut. 445 more words


I Wish I Knew How

I wish I knew how to tell my family and friends about the inner turmoil that I feel everyday.
I wish I knew how to think of my brother with positve thoughts and not just anger and confusion. 211 more words


To your angelic form or atom particles, whatever you are

It’s been four months.

It’s strange watching yourself have no idea how to handle something for four months. I mean I know the basics. Crying is okay, feel free to talk to people about it. 613 more words