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Dear Dr. Forest Tennant

Even though Dr. Tennant will never see this letter, I’ve got to release some of this anger…

Dear Dr. Tennant:

About 6 years ago, after my pain doctor of 8 years passed away, I flew from Texas to California to see you, because I couldn’t find a doctor in the huge State of Texas to continue my treatment. 451 more words

Chronic Pain

 Sobs of Grief 

I’m in hospital again… Out of ICU and into a neuro ward. A 21yrold opposite me is sobbing. She’s just found out she has epilepsy. I get it 100%. 234 more words



I used to long for free fall –
to plummet, to drop, to sink
with the exhilaration of suspended alone in an airy void
slowly taking my breath away. 148 more words


What I have found that helps me live with anxiety?

I have noticed many use different techniques to live with their anxiety.  What really stands out is that there are many who struggle with anxiety and that what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. 773 more words

Male suicide

Regular followers will know I often write and include the delicate subject of suicide in my bereavement blogs.

Sadly many people are uncomfortable talking about this subject which can in turn affect how supportive they are to families coping with the tragic loss of a family member. 130 more words

Why Live? Why not to die?

‘Why Live? Why not to die?’

At times, life gets very difficult to manage and meander. As you walk, you will find that the roads you are supposed to journey are filled with rocks and thorns and shrads of glasses. 515 more words