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Bullying alleged following female firefighter's death

This is so sad.

There’s no other way to put it.

Last week, a search and rescue effort in Shenandoah National Park ended in the worst possible way. 688 more words

Law And Order

Motivation from be_strong_smile_

This is my first post! I’ve struggled with depression (still am), self harm, suicide, and anxiety and I’m still here to tell you that it will be okay. 38 more words


Open Letter to My Parents

What a way to start off my blog than to write a letter to my parents. And of course I’m writing this post as I have papers to write and it’s nearing the end of the semester, but who cares about those am I right? 1,334 more words



As some know my hump day is one my busiest days of the week.

It all starts at around 6 am, when the first alarm goes off.   254 more words


Mom Wanted Me To

As of late, I have been part of conversations about parenting. Parents having trouble deciding the best place for their teenagers to get an education. Whilst listening, I couldn’t help but have an opinion even though I have no children. 792 more words



The last leaves are golden,
most have already flown. Branches
hang bare beneath ashen skies.
Not so different from when you climbed,
hand over slow hand, waging a war… 43 more words


On My Mind...

Today has been an interesting day… Office manager in a bad mood all day, meeting some great clients and patients, having my mind blown after someone told me about their nephew who hung himself 3 weeks ago, having my lunch cut short, back pain from falling on a slippery rock at the lake yesterday, my knee starting to act up again, and my ankle hurts from twisting it last week when practicing soccer with the team I coach. 518 more words