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Fighting Depression

Depression is a major problem these days. From teenagers to adults , people face issues which cause depression. The reason could be anything – studies, work stress or family burden. 197 more words



We all blame them. Well-being humans, we ought to, it’s like in our inbuilt instinctive nature to blame. Others. How else can we satiate our guilt? 872 more words


Fade to black

“Sir, see the view from this side, you can see the airport”. said the property agent. I was hardly looking in that direction. My eyes were fixed right on the ground, 5 stories below. 605 more words


Inside Fukushima’s Time Bomb: Fukushima Exposed

This won’t be going away any time soon. And mainstream remains relatively silent on it. They don’t want you to know. See in this video the real life suffering, the day to day life of people on the ground. 49 more words


Pretti-fied Stories

Of all the boasts I make of being a writer, I must confess that I am struck speechless when I’m asked to tell a story. It isn’t easy stringing words together to make sense and is difficult still to make them appear . 275 more words


don't commit suicide

don’t commit suicide, you can’t afford the cost.
If you commit suicide, your soul will be lost. 104 more words
The Periscope

Must-watch for teens and parents alike.