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Mental Illness-any way out?

The mental illness is on a joy ride in all countries but in India its maximum. In this century we have reached Mars but mental illness is still a taboo. 507 more words

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A letter to a self-murderer.

The number of suicide cases is insanely increasing. Daily suicide cases shake up my nerve and make me feel numb. Leaving the well-known Blue Whale reason apart, students also end themselves up because they are in midst of stress and worries. 381 more words


Closing Thought--13Sep17

Death By Suicide!

There have been many tragic stories that have come to light since we started down this road of war 16 years ago…..it is sad that so many Americans have had to die….so many have had to be repaired….and especially all those that just could not cope and took their own lives. 234 more words


Regional suicide numbers worry Brockville social workers

Social workers at Brockville General Hospital are concerned with the number of suicides in South Eastern Ontario.

Numbers provided by the hospital indicate that during the years of 2012 to 2014, there 641 suicides in the area that encompasses Bancroft to Cornwall, Kingston to Ottawa and all areas in between which are often rural. 227 more words


Πάνω από 500 άνθρωποι αυτοκτονούν ετησίως τα τελευταία χρόνια στην Ελλάδα

Περισσότεροι από 500 άνθρωποι αυτοκτονούν ετησίως τα τελευταία χρόνια στη χώρα μας, αφήνοντας πίσω τουλάχιστον 2500 πενθούντες, καθως συμφωνα με διεθνείς έρευνες, για κάθε μία αυτοκτονία μένουν πίσω τουλάχιστον 5-10 άτομα που πενθούν, όχι μόνο βιώνοντας τις ψυχοκοινωνικές συνέπειες του στίγματος της αυτοκτονίας, αλλά ανήκοντας παράλληλα, σε ένα ποσοστό 10-15%, στην πληθυσμιακή ομάδα υψηλής επικινδυνότητας για αυτοκτονία. 6 more words


The face of mental illness

Today, as I was going through instagram explore, I found something interesting. So I instantly captured the screen and reposted it to my instagram stories because I wanted my friends to know too. 415 more words

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