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Luggage That Takes You Places

Every traveler needs the right piece of luggage to get where they’re going. Whether it’s the perfect weekender for a couples getaway, a holiday in the Caribbean or long stay in Europe, I have a little experience with all of them and I happen to know one size does not fit all. 355 more words


Random Cat photo 20170721

Cat logic – If I sit on the suitcase you can’t leave.


Headless Chuck!

I will be brief! Last night I had a phone call to ask could I help out and do a craft cruise to CANADA NEXT SATURDAY!! 107 more words

Every Journey Begins With A First.... STUMBLE!

It has been confirmed that a certain young woman was successful in embarking on her journey to her home country in the early hours of this morning – However, not without causing slight commotion, according to sources! 181 more words

Daily News

This is a story about my massive red suitcase with flowers on it that nearly fell apart but didn’t aka Ode to a faithful friend


It’s been a while

…and already talking in clichés

For those of you who know me, you might be thinking “where has she been?”, “Sam, you have a blog?” or “Did she ever make it through Italy without turning into Big Momma?” 442 more words

Τετραήμερο στο νησί - Τι να πάρεις, τι να αφήσεις

Το να φτιάξω βαλίτσα για ταξίδι είναι ό,τι πιο δύσκολο μπορείς να μου αναθέσεις. Σαν Αιγόκερως – τίγκα οργανωτικό ζώδιο – θα έπρεπε να μου είναι εύκολο: σημειώνεις μέρες και outfits, τα βρίσκεις στις ντουλάπες/στα συρτάρια, τα ταξινομείς ανά μέρα/είδος/χρώμα/μέγεθος, τα βάζεις ταξινομημένα στη βαλίτσα και καλό σου ταξίδι. 30 more words


To Backpack or not To Backpack

It surprised me on my first day in Australia how many ‘backpackers’ had cases on wheels.

In my naïve brain, all backpackers followed the same rules; the classic 60 ltr backpack with all of their souvenirs and dirty boots dangling off of it. 893 more words