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Ceuta : child in a suitcase

Boy, 8, found hidden inside woman’s suitcase as she tried to cross border


summer suitcase inspiration

With Memorial Day here and summer in sight, it’s probably time for a trip to the mall to make sure you’re sporting nothing but absolutely fabulous attire for your upcoming trip to the beach, the city or the mountains. 41 more words


Packing Up Your Life

With one month left of my Year Abroad, I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by. It is hard to believe that one year ago I was enjoying an exam-free Trinity term, my feelings about Year Abroad ones of eager anticipation, tinged with their fair share of trepidation. 584 more words

All set and ready to go.

2 days left.

The suitcase has finally been shut.I have  managed to squash and flatten everything into 19Kg with some room left over for last minute British food that I cannot bear to be without for 6 months. 83 more words


Piled Up

She was dressed in dark jeans, T shirt and a green raincoat. The woman had her face on top of the suitcase, holding on to it as tight as she could. 57 more words

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