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Travel Gear: Backpacks

Before going, there’s a lot that hast o be planned: backpack or suitcase, what camera is best, which shoes will bring me everywhere and what else do I need that could save me on the road? 615 more words


And in my bag I packed...

Not enough, obviously. Not enough clothes, not enough books, not the right things.

For example, I only packed one adaptor. I thought that the flat I was staying in would have a multitude of UK-SA adaptors, but apparently not. 332 more words

Changing Cultures


Nigerian ARAMIDE is finally ready for the release of her album!

In an acoustic video released this morning, the Afro-Soul Diva announced that her debut album would be titled… 78 more words


Packing Guide: City Break

Since I travel often, I have learned how to get the most out of my carry on! I can pack for 2 weeks in my carry on, while some of my friends have to check a bag for 5 days. 326 more words


One week to go...

So I am going to Korea soon and I can’t wait.. but I have not started packing and I am not sure if you are someone who does last minute packing or you start putting things away as soon as purchase your ticket (like a month in advance)! 47 more words


8 Traveling Bags That You Must Know Before You Start Your Next Tour

Sat on the internet, typed traveling bag and clicked on the first link to check out some amazing bags. After seeing multiple bags for an hour I realized that my eyes are about to pop-out. 343 more words


Frequent Buyers

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

THERE are two kinds of rabid food-souvenir shoppers in Singapore: those who raid Haneda’s duty-free shops for strawberry cheesecake Kit Kat and limited edition Jagabee potato sticks – and those who don’t. 989 more words

Money Matters