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To Club or not to Club...

What an amazing thing it is to shop without even leaving the comfort of your own home, much less have to deal with all the crowds of unknowingly irritating shoppers ( or should I call them onlookers)! 787 more words

Nina Ricci Summer Elegance

There are plenty ideas in the fashion world to glean a feminine look that beautifully blend style and work…or travel…or dining…or…  The following examples from Nina Ricci’s summer collection are remarkable!

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The intrinsic value of self is that who you are is never to be repeated or duplicated…therefore there is no value that can be placed on that entity.

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Tailored by Rodd & Gunn

While a suit maketh the man, it’s superior craftsmanship that maketh the suit. A cornerstone of any sartorial-minded man’s wardrobe, a well-made suit gives its wearer both comfort and confidence, whether they’re about to go into battle in the boardroom or need to look sharp for a special occasion. 1,031 more words


What is Portuguese Tailoring?

The exponential growth of Sacoor Brothers can be vouched for by its acquisition of Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo to front the proudly Portuguese brand. To understand the lesser publicised and very unique facets of Portuguese tailoring, we catch up with Hugo Carrico, the label’s Regional Marketing Director who has been spearheading Sacoor Brothers’s burgeoning expansion in Asia. 643 more words

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I am what I am!


Never allow anything to define you but your character. There has not been a truer statement made or said in a clearer way…who you are is who you are.

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9-5 Style, 101. Say No to Frump.

My slow, painful career in retail has finally ceased. With it goes an incredible discount, styling poor lost souls, fashion at my fingertips, ridiculous hours, working most holidays, and any sense of a normal life. 604 more words