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Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.


13 common fashion mistakes men make — and how to avoid them

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

On every man’s road to dressing better, he learns quite a few things about style and inevitably makes some mistakes along the way. 756 more words

Money Matters

Suits. One of my favourite shows.
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Suit yourself.....

When the British finally left India, all those years ago, their luggage bursting at the seams with the Kohinoor, the sword of Tipu, the Golden Throne and other valuables; they were  forced to leave behind their quintessential raiment – the suit, the boot and the tie! 792 more words

Full Blurhms SS17 lookbook

Ostensibly, Japanese imprint Blurhms preaches simplicity verging on minimalism. Look closer though and their work reveals the kind of design minutia people can’t help glaring at. 156 more words


Suit Basics -The Silhouette

 Bespoke suits are the highest achievement, to date, of a very old art form – Tailoring. There’s a lot of detail to get your head around when thinking suits. 598 more words