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The easiest asana in the world if you can sit straight. Well, I can’t, as the doctor who needed several attempts to put in my epidural can confirm. 35 more words


Day 26

I turned in an assignment for school today, but I was done with it a lot faster than I had expected so I didn’t know what to do. 248 more words


Day 20 and lots of progress

It’s only ten days left. I have done 20 days of yoga, not consecutively though. I started on december 12th, and now it’s january the 5th, so I’m a bit behind, but I have not skipped practice since december 26th. 336 more words


October Pose of the Month: Sukhasana

SUKHASANA (soo-KAH-sah-nah), Easy Pose

Getting into Sukhasana
1.  Fold a thick blanket about 6 inches high. Sit on the blanket towards the front edge and extend your legs long in front of you. 481 more words

Peace Healing Yoga

Build a Practice

As a yoga instructor I struggle with maintaining a daily practice. It’s easy to feel like there’s not enough time in the day. Of course, when I do practice I find I feel happier, more connected and balanced and I find that I have more to share with my students. 1,044 more words