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18 January 2016: The Real New Years Day

Why do we at Mind of Cairo say that the 18th of January is new years day?

Well that is simple. Today is the day of our first post of 2016. 241 more words

Going through my twitter page

Going through my twitter page

I live in a generation where everything is accessible with just a click, the “computer age” as some would call it. 300 more words

Few Words

Suli Breaks

I can relate to this piece as a member of the millennial generation. We have been told to go in every direction except the one that makes the most sense to us. 161 more words

Street Poets NYC

I wont let an exam result decide my fate

There is more than one way to be an educated man. School is always like a mountain that you have to climb and climb yet when you reach what was called the “TOP” of it you see that the mountain goes on but now its name is not school but a job. 36 more words