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This page hosts all photography by Benjamin John Wareing of the subject type ‘CELEBRITY’. This page may be updated in the future. 51 more words

Time vs. Money

Suli Breaks – Time vs. Money

This is the video that sparked this post; the core idea is that “you DO have £10,080 deposited into your bank account every week, that you can only spend on yourself – it’s just it comes in a different currency – time.” 731 more words

"Friends" by Suli Breaks

I like this piece from English poet Suli Breaks. The flow doesn’t hit me in the ear like regular spoken word, but the message still has an impact.


18 January 2016: The Real New Years Day

Why do we at Mind of Cairo say that the 18th of January is new years day?

Well that is simple. Today is the day of our first post of 2016. 241 more words

Going through my twitter page

Going through my twitter page

I live in a generation where everything is accessible with just a click, the “computer age” as some would call it. 300 more words

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