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"Happy Struggler"/"Depressed King"- you choose!

Are you feeling that you are suffering….. more mentally than physically, then, this one is just for you :)

To relate better, let me first express what we all feel when we are in those difficult phases of our life. 801 more words

#512 The Associates - Sulk

The AssociatesSulk is an album I have never heard. I have not heard of the band either. This is the second album from the Scottish pop band. 126 more words

About Me

With Every Difficulty Comes Ease!

There is nothing wrong in being sad. It is completely okay. You have every right to feel like a total mess and nobody can question you. 91 more words




These are just rantings of my stupid mind ( my mind right now is surely not beautiful). what did just happen? 235 more words


Choose Your Destiny: Recognize Me? Post Three

New Mask

Its easy to find another mask, and by find you mean take. It matches you really well too, enameled black with gold lining the eye openings and outer edges. 307 more words


Two Six Five

Why is it that when I’m not invited from the beginning do I get into a sulk and think that I’m not wanted?

Turkish Eurovision win fails to impress (Rousse)

The school office staff did not appreciate my CD of the solo Turkish artiste – even though she won the Eurovision Song Contest just a couple of years earlier. 32 more words