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Brotherly love ..............

Newly built house – unfinished garden – two small boys – one swing

It’s my turn – It’s my turn – I want a go!! 190 more words

Nature Notes

Cockatoos galore.

About ten birds turned up. Some jostled for position on the fence, others stayed in the gum-tree.

I think the cockatoo in the middle is one of our usual visitors, from the proprietary stance. 120 more words


Making Their Presence Felt

Of late, our local Cockatoos  have been keeping a low profile, but this morning they were out in force.

Don’t you think that they are the characters of parrot family? 37 more words

Sulphur-crested Cockatoos

Two sulphur-crested cockatoos visited yesterday, and one today.  These three often fly around together, but rarely seem to feed at the same time. One might be in a nearby tree keeping watch and will arrive on his own.  126 more words


Parrots Galore: Cockatoos and a Corella

I guess that most people don’t associate Sulphur-crested Cockatoos and Corellas with a day at the beach, but here at Ramsgate (in Sydney’s Botany Bay Foreshores) they are a common sight. 49 more words


Cockatoos on the Edge of the Shore

I love to visit the local park!

It’s quite common for me to see sights such as this: cheeky Sulpur-crested Cockatoos searching for their dinner near the shore. 16 more words


Focus on Birds: Sulphur Crested Cockatoos

This week, in Australia, birds are in the news. People are urged to watch them, count their numbers, and generally acknowledge their importance in the scheme of things. 79 more words