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Terengganu Darul Iman merupakan sebuah negeri yang terletak di pantai timur Semenanjung Malaysia yang mengadap Laut Cina Selatan.Negeri ini merupakan sebuah negeri pesisiran Laut CIna Selatan yang indah serta mempunyai pelbagai khazanah yang terdapat di dalamnya.Pada zahirnya kita hanya melihat Terengganu sebuah negeri yang hanya terkenal dengan pulau-pulaunya yang indah menjadi kawasan peranginan terkemuka seperti Pulau Kapas,Pulau Redang dan Pulau Perhentian.Mungkin kita kenal negeri ini sebagai tempat untuk mendapatkan makanan tradisinya yang enak-enak seperti keropok lekor,budu dan otak-otak.Namun bagi saya,saya lebih suka melihat keunikan negeri ini dari segi sejarahnya. 1,709 more words

Subhat al-Akhbar: Art and Genealogy in the Service of Ottoman Imperial Legitimacy

One of the most beautiful historical treasures of the 17th-century Ottoman empire is a work known as the Subḥat al-Akhbār. It is a work in Ottoman Turkish delineating the genealogy of the Ottoman Sultans, from Adam, the first human being and prophet, to Sultan Mehmed IV (r. 795 more words


Dog Day Afternoons

It first happens
while looking at pictures
when you probably shouldn’t:

her eyes, her
once-infinite eyes, are
now sad and watery, like

A dog’s. And… 70 more words

Philboyd Studge

Khan Vs Khan!

Ever so ongoing ‘Khan Vs Khan’ stories has left a marks on Bollywood gossip history and they are at it once again but this time reality hits! 144 more words

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Happy Birthday Beloved Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (QS)!

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

● Our Lord Almighty says: Draw near to Me! I will grant you a place in My Eternal Kingdom, where you will abide in ever-lasting beauty for all eternity. 195 more words


IFF Panama: 'Sultán' Swings Into View for a Late 2015 Release (EXCLUSIVE)

PANAMA — Panamanian director Enrique Castro Rios is getting closer to completing his first feature “Sultán.”

The film is in post-production, having wrapped principal photography last Aug. 361 more words



Here’s the guitar rack from Paul Kelly and the Merri Souls at Bluesfest in Byron. Dan Sultan knocked it out of the park with his rendition of ‘look so fine.but I feel so low’. Chills down the spine!