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Star Trek - The Paradise Syndrome

In which the Enterprise crew investigate an idyllic sylvan planet, threatened by an asteroid. Cue some lovely location filming and then, bizarrely, explicitly identified Native American tribal folk. 456 more words


Star Trek: The Animated Series - Season 1, Episode 14 - "The Slaver Weapon" - A Political Situation

   “The Slaver Weapon” is a lot of fun. The episode is okay but doesn’t seem to have any major focus beyond escape, which really brings it down. 492 more words

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Star Trek - Bread and Circuses

In which the Enterprise, looking for a missing vessel, discovers an Earth-like planet with a Roman civilisation that never quite went away and has now reached 1960s level of tech. 503 more words


The Pangalay dance of the Sulu Archipelago

The Pangalay is a dance of the people of the southern island of Mindanao: The Tausug, the Badjao, and the Samal. The basic form of the dance mimics the movements of a person wading through water, as the people’s culture revolve around the seas and rivers. 297 more words


TOS Audience Weren't Ready for a Gay Character

Internet and ‘Star Trek’ icon, George Takei, has recently spoken out about Gene Roddenberry and ‘Star Trek’, and explained why there was never an openly gay character on the original… 305 more words

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George Takei explains lack of LGBT characters in Star Trek

The actor, activist, prolific meme generator and cultural icon has revealed he once asked Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry why the original TV series did not feature LGBT characters.


Star Trek - The Ultimate Computer

In which the Enterprise is roped into testing the M5, a computer that could end up replacing Kirk and pretty much the rest of the crew. 290 more words