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#68 That Which Survives

Losira sure had a bum deal — when you look past the silliness of how she’d appear and disappear, it’s really a tragic story.  I made the title appear to be trying to lift itself up.   6 more words

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Field Note 07: Sulu, farewell

I was in Sulu earlier this month on yet another assignment given on short notice and accepted with no hesitation that I want to be part of my personal brand, in as much as I believe in having personal brands. 643 more words


Star Trek - The Deadly Years

In which the Enterprise check in on a colony to find the people there prematurely aged.

The away team, once back on the ship, find themselves rapidly ageing (with the curious exception of Chekov). 342 more words


Planning Cities in Mindanao and Sulu based on progressive ideas from Brunei and Singapore

Singapore is a prosperous island nation at the tip of the Malay peninsula and Brunei is a prosperous Sultanate within the Brunei river in Borneo. For Mindanao and Sulu to prosper, we need to adopt certain ideas from our neighbors to create a more efficient and productive nation. 434 more words


Star Trek: The Flawed First Film

Review by Logan

My journey as a trekkie began later in life.  I didn’t grow up on it, because no one else in my family was a sci-fi geek.   590 more words

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Renovating the Tandu Dagmay Primary School in Tandu Bagua, Patikul, Sulu

I was looking for something to do for April and May, some volunteer work perhaps. I have called Tausug friends, and one has connected me to a Youth Group in Sulu, KBS. 1,074 more words

Star Trek - Metamorphosis

In which Kirk, McCoy, Spock and Commissioner Nancy Hedford are forcefully taken to a strange world as an emergency medical mission goes awry. They find Zefram Cochrane, a noted explorer from pre-Federation times, who has been mysteriously rejuvenated by the force that lives on the planet. 284 more words