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Live Long and Prosper, in Our Memories

Why am I so sad about Leonard Nimoy’s death? I didn’t know him – not in real life. Yet I loved Mr. Spock, who was the cool, logical person I knew I could never be. 198 more words

Mr Spock of Star Trek

For a young kid, logic had no meaning. But when it was portrayed as the next best thing to sliced cheese, by a pair of slanting eyebrows and warped ears, it certainly fitted into a space in the brain. 477 more words

R.I.P "Live Long and Prosper"

Leonard Nimoy, best known for playing the character Spock in the Star Trek television shows and films, died at 83.

Feeling the loss from today’s news of the passing of… 342 more words

Film History

Vessels laden with smuggled rice, firearms seized off Sulu

Michael Mackey

Vietnamese vessel MV An Bien 89-ALCI and three Filipino boats loaded with 3,275 tonnes of smuggled rice and high-powered firearms were seized off Sulu on 23 February, Philippines military officials have confirmed. 70 more words

Maritime Crime

EAZY Traveler's Chronicle About Marunggas Island

We’d like to share here one of the best write-up about Bangas Island by one of our countless visitors who goes by the codename EAZY Traveler. 773 more words


George Takei to visit Butler University

Any Trekkies in and around Indianapolis over the next week are getting a “twofer.” First, they’ll be able to see Captain Kirk on Saturday, February 14… 155 more words


Peace & Pata Island.

Pata Island, Sulu, 2014.

“Salaam alaikum kanyu katan. Ako si Nursima H. Tolentino, Grade 3 pupil. Ito po ang ginuhit ko, isang pulis. Gusto ko sa aking paglaki maging pulis at maging isang tagabantay ng bayan.”

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