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The Racers, The Bruisers, The Constitutions and the (Headless) Horsemen: STAW Resource Rumble

This post concerns the game Star Trek Attack Wing (STAW.) Read more about it here.

One more STAW post before I beam back down to my day job. 770 more words

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Winning the Historical Narrative: Zheng He Helps Beijing Claim the South China Sea

It seems as if the majority of the world has forgotten about the South China Sea dispute and China’s not-so-subtle programme of land reclamation and military installation around the disputed island chains that pockmark this critical waterway. 1,067 more words


mt. tumantangis

mt. tumantangis
(from the collection: Mt. Tumantangis and Other Poems on Sulu)

she lays open the breast to the sea
and crouches low enough to ward off the winds, 561 more words


the calm

the calm
(from the collection: Mt. Tumantangis and Other Poems on Sulu)

it haunts the people’s dream of comfort too.
the cozy rooms, the furnished halls… 257 more words


fleeting thoughts of a fevered lover

fleeting thoughts of a fevered lover 

the gurgling of peace
in confused currents of a
soft-silvered stream
that runs under my pillow
is joined… 284 more words


LEGO© Micro Scale USS Excelsior NCC-2000 (The Undiscovered Country)

“Target that explosion and fire!”

I never really cared much for the Excelsior’s design when it debuted in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock.  The color seemed wrong & the nacelles seemed much too long & narrow (which is ironic in hindsight, as I really love the new USS Discovery’s design.)  It didn’t help that it was commanded by a Captain who seemed way too full of himself & was out to stop Kirk from bringing Spock back to life.  553 more words

Countdown to Star Trek Discovery - 5 Days: Where Are Kirk and Co?

On Sunday, September 24, Star Trek Discovery premieres. This is an exciting event for Trekkers everywhere and And There Came A Day celebrates with a week long countdown to the pilot episode! 1,502 more words

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