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Pre-Order Now: Star Trek: The Original Series Beaming Captain Kirk & Spock ReAction Figures - EE Exclusive

It looks like we now get a “beaming” variant to add to the Star Trek Reaction Figures.¬†¬†Bringing the technology of the 23rd century to the action figure stylings of the 20th century, each exclusive figure fades from matter to glittery energy as if it was going through a Starfleet transporter! 41 more words

Pre-Order Now

Ten Reasons Brunei Darussalam Is Worth The Visit

One time I got really burnt out with Graduate School and work, I decided to book a flight and spend a long weekend in Brunei Darussalam… 1,411 more words


FArFri: Crossover Trek by Mike Ling

I love crossover fan art!¬† A several years ago I created a SpongeTrek crossover and this week I found some hilarious crossover art by artist… 57 more words

Star Trek

'The Bailey Bunch'

I always wanted to do a Trek/Brady crossover! This came into my brain as I was dozing off the other night!

Star Trek


Umumnya dalam sejarah-sejarah dan teks sejarah baik dalam negara mahupun luar negara, menyatakan bahawa kemasukan masyarakat islam di nusantara ini adalah daripada 3 rantau yang berbeza. 2,176 more words

Ahlul Baiyt

Which Ideology Is More Insane?

We can talk all day long about the insanity of liberalism. We can ask the blacks why they hate the Republican Party, the party that freed them, and vote for the party that wanted to keep them in chains as slaves, and for some strange reason, it just doesn’t resonate. 34 more words


Star Trek - Return To Tomorrow

In which the Enterprise, tracking an energy signal, stumbles across a dead planet occupied by a psychic force capable of reading minds. Yup, it’s one of those episodes, or at least so it seems initially. 263 more words