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Star Trek: The Bridge Squad

Every captain needs a team. Who’s going to watch the bridge while you beam yourself down to the nearest unexplored planet and find out what kind of trouble you can discover? 334 more words


Star Trek - Day Of The Dove

In which the Enterprise team, while investigating a decimated colony, encounter a group of Klingons claiming angrily that Kirk et al struck first. Klingon leader Kang is absolutely adamant about his understanding of the situation. 502 more words


A Quick Look at Cotabato City

Traveling for work really has its perks. Here I am again in the south of the Philippines. Where? The place where everyone thinks is a hostile area. 554 more words


The Gorgeous Tausug Photo by 멋진 전차 — National Geographic Your Shot

Tausug is the dominant ethnic group in the Sulu archipelago because of their political and religious institutions, the Tausug occupy Jolo, Indanan, Siasi, and Patikul in Sulu (ARMM). 59 more words


Star Trek - Is there in truth no beauty?

In which the Enterprise crew have to give a lift to a Medusan ambassador. While the Medusans are peace-loving, their physical form provokes madness in humans (yes, that name is no coincidence) and so it’s left to Spock, sporting a red visor, to greet the ambassador. 519 more words


Star Trek - The Paradise Syndrome

In which the Enterprise crew investigate an idyllic sylvan planet, threatened by an asteroid. Cue some lovely location filming and then, bizarrely, explicitly identified Native American tribal folk. 456 more words


Star Trek - And the children shall lead

In which the Enterprise crew answer a distress call from a scientific expedition only to find that all the adults are dead and the children are in incredibly good spirits. 304 more words