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Star Trek - Mirror Mirror

In which, Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura find themselves on an alternative universe Enterprise, flagship of the morally challenged Empire.

As happens so often in parallel universe stories, we see alternative versions of most of the regular characters (and Kyle). 638 more words


Gorge Takei, a true science fiction hero.

For those who don’t know how thoroughly awesome Gorge Takei is, I give you: Broker of Star Peace…

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“Am I… zeeing zings!?”
“Not unless I am too. Captain… that thing’s a… giant hand.”

Prescription is a gallon of Star Trek a day, plus all the tea and absurdity I can drink.
That is all.

Star Trek - The Changeling

In which, a green sphere menaces the Enterprise.

It transpires that said sphere is occupied by Nomad, an AI space probe presumed lost many years back. 361 more words


Star Trek - Who Mourns For Adonais?

In which, the Enterprise is seized by the giant hand of Apollo when passing a seemingly unremarkable planet.

In the pre-credits, before the hand shows up, McCoy and Kirk engage in banter about Scotty’s intentions regarding a young crewwoman, Lt Carolyn Palamas. 282 more words


Star Trek - Amok Time

And so I watch my first Star Trek in a world without Leonard Nimoy. As fate would have it, I’ve reached this somewhat Vulcan-centric tale appropriately enough. 524 more words


Abu Sayyaf frees marine cop Zakiah after eight months, reports The Star

Abu Sayyaf frees marine cop Zakiah after eight months

Kons Zakiah (left) and Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman at a press conference at the chief minister’s residence in Sandakan… 196 more words