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In particular on their brand new single “Overthrow” taken from their newly announced record False Idol our October 20th.

Leaving it pretty late in the year for an announcement, … 236 more words


Birth of Writing

When we look around to-day, at how things are, and how much our daily lives rely on the art of writing.  We have to wonder how difficult it must have been in those early times, before writing and the alphabet came into existence. 1,676 more words


Good and bad polytheists (introduction and part 1): Ur-Nammu and Sargon

As devout polytheists, we often view the ancient times of our ancestors as perfect and beyond any reproach. Nor is it untrue that such days of old shine too much in their original beauty, especially in comparison with the world as it stands today. 1,065 more words

Good And Bad Polytheists

A duck-shaped Sumerian weight

This inscription comes from a 5-mina weight shaped like a sleeping duck. In it, the king Shulgi, son of Ur-Nammu, certifies that the measured weight is correct. 147 more words


Top 5 Wednesday: Non-Western Inspired Fantasy Books

This week’s topic is books that were inspired by non-western locations, or else set in a non-western location. I decided to narrow it down to Fantasy books inspired by non-western settings as those are pretty few and far between (in English at least). 797 more words

Book Reviews

Sumerian Goddesses

Dark Onto Light worship goddesses Ninhursag and Ereshkigal. I believe one of the main ways to understand the cult’s beliefs and practices is to look to the deities they worship. 487 more words

Essays on the history of writing II: The isolates of the Fertile Crescent

One can often find in the literature the idea that continents like South America or Africa differ fundamentally from Eurasia in terms of historical language expansions, and that one does not find in those continents a similar phenomenon to Indo-European, which covers nearly all of Europe and a considerable part of Asia. 2,238 more words