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The Rise and Fall of the Akkadian Empire

The first great empire builder known to history was Sargon of Akkad who founded the Akkadian Empire in Mesopotamia. Dates are always uncertain in ancient times, but the best guess for the reign of Sargon seems to be from 2334 to 2279 BC, though some accounts have his death at 2215.  973 more words


Black Bloodlines

The Black presence in the Bible is undeniable. Ethiopia and Egypt are mentioned more in the Bible than any other countries. The earliest gods and messiah on all the continents were Black. 280 more words

Black Jews

Astrology is supported by the latest Physics theory of a holographic universe.

With regard to black holes the holographic principle contends
that real three dimensional information is being encoded on a two dimensional surface.
Translated into ordinary life,
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Spiritual Physics

Tablets. Then & Now.

There is no denying of the power of the Fourth Estate – the Media.

Earliest known media dates back to modern Iraq, when the first known human civilization – The Sumerians – came up with the idea of the tablet. 320 more words


Like I Just Said

Like I just said in my last post We all got to get together and join hands We got to come close and guard each other against those dieticians them pediatricians them authoritarians them grammarians humanitarians Sumerians Athenians all them agrarians them collegians historians them clinicians those Macedonians them Lilliputians the Syrians the obstetricians the union electricians the Republicans those Victorians and all those eager to sign them petitions



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History of Beer: Ancient Times

Hello everyone!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and a safe (but productive) Black Friday!

Sorry for the long hiatus; as all of you know, Thanksgiving week is crazy and there’s a lot going on, so you can imagine it was pretty hard to post throughout that period.   946 more words