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Shem and the Sumerians

In David Rohl‘s book Legend (Rohl is an egyptologist with many interesting theories on ancient history, but also many that seem like a stretch), he covers an argument regarding the origin of the Sumerians that was presented by… 532 more words


My visit to the National Museum of Iraq.

A soldier rescuing a baby

Every time I visit baghdad coming from Hilla I come across an astonishing building. In Allawi area at the center of old baghdad lies a building that lured me for a long time, a building so unique that it stands for what Iraq is for, from the beginning of history to our day. 590 more words

Cheers To The Sumerians!

While John, Mary and I were eating dinner this evening we started talking about beer.

John mentioned that beer is a very ancient beverage with the Sumerians, living approx 4,000 BC, known as one of the first brewers of beer. 70 more words

Farts In The Arts

When Russell went off to Camp Seagull in the Carolinas as a young lad, Kish and I waited with trepidation for his first letter home. 393 more words


Iraqi Minister of Defence Says UFOs Used This Airport Back In 5,000 BC, Video - October 4, 2016

Date of interview: October 2, 2016Location of interview: El Naciria, Iraq News source: http://ovniparanormal.over-blog.com/2016/10/le-ministre-des-transports-en-irak-kadam-fenjan-evoque-les-ovnis-aliens.htmlThis was sent over to me by Christian Mace, a UFO researcher in France who runs the website ovniparanormal.over-blog.com.

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Two Suns Shine Over Chicago As Nibiru Approaches

 By Detective Matthew P. Kulesza, P. I. – AAAprivateEYE

A strange haziness filled the cloudless sky on January 27, 2014 while I was traveling during the morning in my Jeep across the frigid snow-covered roads in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.    2,454 more words