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On My Death...

What would you do if
You could walk on top of your
Grave one night?

I’d be laughing on all my so called achievements and regrets of life I’ve ever had. 227 more words


Stars of Her Galaxy!

There’s nothing more

beautiful than a woman

who carries her head

on your lap,

until you start tickling

her hair in your fingers

as if you’re playing with… 105 more words


Pure Existence!

Yes, maybe because

I’m too bad to be

pretentious as I only

know is to get closer,

dive deeper,

and love even harder

that the only thing… 15 more words



आँखों में मेरी देख कर जैसे वो शर्मसार हुआ
की जैसे उसकी एक मुस्कुराहट पर
दिल मेरा फरार हुआ।

सभी से खुलकर मिली, हसी और टटोली वो 120 more words


Beard and Passion!

There is a pattern I’ve been observing in me ever since I got a clear sense of who I really am and what do I want. 275 more words


Second Mind

I wasn’t aware that this thing really exists until I understood the concept behind it.

There is always something which goes in our mind, but at the same time we try to focus on the things which keeps us distracted. 251 more words



Words spoken might not always stays in the mind

But your heart would always keep it inside.

Thoroughly remembered how it can make you feel, 36 more words