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Pure Existence!

Yes, maybe because

I’m too bad to be

pretentious as I only

know is to get closer,

dive deeper,

and love even harder

that the only thing… 15 more words



आँखों में मेरी देख कर जैसे वो शर्मसार हुआ
की जैसे उसकी एक मुस्कुराहट पर
दिल मेरा फरार हुआ।

सभी से खुलकर मिली, हसी और टटोली वो 120 more words


Beard and Passion!

There is a pattern I’ve been observing in me ever since I got a clear sense of who I really am and what do I want. 275 more words


Second Mind

I wasn’t aware that this thing really exists until I understood the concept behind it.

There is always something which goes in our mind, but at the same time we try to focus on the things which keeps us distracted. 251 more words



Words spoken might not always stays in the mind

But your heart would always keep it inside.

Thoroughly remembered how it can make you feel, 36 more words


A Book Review: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (With 2 Reading tips)

“Life is filled with secrets. You can’t learn them all at once.”
― Dan Brown

This is true that life is so much of mysteries and secrets and this is one of the reasons why it took me this long to pick up such amazing book. 790 more words


Unrequired Love

I am sorry

For the unrequired

Love that I am

Showering on you

Even without knowing

Whether you deserve it

Or not… maybe!!


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