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I Want a Rooftop Garden

I’ve decided: I want a rooftop garden. Venus and I went to Dongdaemun to see this:

It’s the Cheonggyecheon Stream. This area used to be a bad area; like the slums of the city. 263 more words

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The Bungalow

Hello lovelies! Guess who’s marathon blogging today?

So, since Venus is leaving tomorrow for America, we’ve been exploring parts of Seoul that she hasn’t seen yet. 242 more words

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Chasing Waves and Dancing in the Sand

Hello lovelies! Missed me? I’ve been living the glamorous urban life in this thriving cosmopolitan city spending my days shopping and strolling down crowded streets while spending my nights in lounges sipping cocktails with the besties. 412 more words

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Serendipitious Historical Findings and a Look Ahead

Hello, beautifuls. So, Artemis went back to the USA last Wednesday. She was here for three weeks, whoa! And Venus will be returning to America next Friday. 644 more words

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Tourism, Tea, and Cats.

Well, hello there. Again, I’m mixing up the greetings to keep you all on your toes. So, last Monday we went to Insadong which is basically a district in Seoul dedicated to Korean tourism and tea. 327 more words

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Private Gardens and Parties in the Middle of a Lake

Hey, hey, hey! I know, I switched up the greeting. It’s fine. Just trying to keep things new and interesting. So while going about my fabulous and oh-so-busy life, I haven’t had time to blog much or post pictures. 269 more words

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Quick Update

Hello lovelies! So, um, my laptop’s fine. I can continue to post regularly. In the last post about the public bathhouse, I mentioned that I got my nails done there. 113 more words

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