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Infinity Turd, a Moebius Strip that Smells Like Shit on Both Sides

I’ve been catching up on my Marvel superhero movies and having a blast, but guys, I gotta tell you, this upcoming Infinity War stuff is not as cool as people think it is. 1,052 more words

Gods of Egypt Review

It’s time for a modern action film. Gods of Egypt is certainly very different from a lot of the films that I’ve reviewed lately. I’ve been saying that more and more lately so I suppose that I’m getting a good variety here. 1,867 more words


Crashing the Sausage Party

Sausage Party may be lewd, crude and beyond lowbrow, however, it should be congratulated for doing something new and refreshing within the animated genre and giving audiences a different kind of movie to the formulaic mostly average fair that has been presented throughout this summer’s blockbuster period. 558 more words


The Jaws franchise (1975 - 1987)

 WHERE DO YOU begin when attempting to dissect Jaws and the franchise that it spawned?

It is so iconic, so embedded in the psyche of fans of film and the culture that it hails from. 276 more words

Horror Movie

2016's Top 5 Summer Movies.

In a surprisingly disappointing summer movie season, there were still a select few movies worth recommending. Here are my top 5 summer movies below:

5)  272 more words