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Movie Review: The Hitman's Bodyguard

I know what they say about actors having to be versatile in order to succeed in the long run; but I also believe that some actors are tailor-made for certain roles. 425 more words



Christopher Nolan’s cinema is emotional and spectacular. He is one of the finest craftsmen of visual storytelling we have ever seen. Dunkirk is no exception. It plays by these rules. 331 more words


Atomic Blonde

I’m a nerd, I’ve absolutely no problem confessing that fact. When I find something that is both interesting in plot and visually intriguing, I may obsess. 91 more words

Spider-Man: Homecoming

It’s the poster boy for reboots, but one cannot deny the insatiable charm and appeal that Spider-Man: Homecoming has from beginning to end, a thrilling, funny, great popcorn flick. 114 more words


Happy Monday

Spring is known as the season of rebirth. Monday, therefore, could be defined as the day of the week for rebirth.

In other words, Mondays seem like a perfect occurrence to hit an internal reset button from the now past week and weekend. 155 more words

Wonder Woman: Spoiler-Free Review

Wonder Woman: Spoiler-Free Review

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is definitely a movie you can’t miss. Not only is it the DC movie we have been waiting for since the end of Christopher Nolan’s… 676 more words


The Impossible Will Become Possible in the Next Mission: Impossible

Until Mission Impossible 6 (title TBD) premieres in theaters, every fan of the action-packed franchise will be cruising around Tom for any exciting details concerning those always exhilerating, death-defying stunts. 141 more words