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Keep Calm and Send Your Kids to Summer Camp

Scheduling an entire summer’s worth of activities for your kids to do can be daunting. Parents want to keep their kids entertained and engaged, while also giving them a chance to enjoy their holiday and just have fun being a kid. 377 more words


Robotics, computer programming and junior engineering activities are becoming a hallmark of STEM education.  Students learn to design build and program a variety of machines and robots. 51 more words

Out With Boondoggles, In With Learning at Kids Summer Camp

Parents want the best experiences for their children year-round, especially during the summer break. Kids summer camp is the most preferred option for getting children out of the house and doing something active, instead of wasting the summer away watching television or sitting on the sofa all day long. 251 more words

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Come to St. Jude’s Kids Summer Camp

At St. Jude’s Academy, we pride ourselves on offering our students a wide range of excellent programs, and our summer camp kids is one of the best that we have to offer. 107 more words

How to Choose a Good Private School

After giving much thought to the matter, you have come to a conclusion that you want to send your kids to a private school. There are many private schools in Mississauga and Brampton to choose from. 216 more words

Three Good Reasons You Should Send Your Child to Summer Camp

I. Social Interaction

When children attend summer camp they learn to build relationships outside of school and communicate with other peers who they’re member met before. 189 more words

Overlake Farm Bellevue

Overlake Farm is the oldest horse farm in Bellevue, Overlake Farm provides exceptional horse-centered service at a reasonable price.  Overlake Farm was established nearly 70 years ago before there was a bridge across Lake Washington!   206 more words