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Summer Diet Tips by Dietitian Jarrett Franklin

Jarrett Franklin a visionary dietitian who always frenzied for the healthy diet. According to Jarrett Franklin, we need to change out diet plan according to seasons. 198 more words

Jarrett Franklin

How to Stay Healthy in Summer Season

Summer is the season of fatigue and sweat. In summer you tend to feel thus lazy. The humidness of the season causes you to feel so. 946 more words

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The summer hacks!

Hello Everybody!

Summer is here so today I am going to tell you some really cool summer hacks. This summer you will beat the heat with me and will come out as a winner. 405 more words


Blowing Your Diet on Holiday is NOT - I Repeat, NOT - a Crime!

We’re obsessed with looks 👀 The right selfie angle, the right shade of highlighter, the right clothes at the right time to the right event. … 471 more words

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Instant Summer Diet Revealed!

While all the two-leggeds are out there are on diets for a Summer body…I decided to get slim and trim my own way: a day at my Spa before leaving on Pupcation! 59 more words

Stuck For Ideas: 4 Steps to a Sensational Summer

About now, most of us are feeling the pressures that come with Summer planning. Work, trips, sports camps, music camps and family vacations circling in your mind. 678 more words


Summer Diet for Kids

Keep your child refreshed and belly full with these simple diet ideas for the sweltering summers in India!

Keep it Light

 Light meals are easier to digest for kids during the summers than heavy meals laden with oil, cheese or butter. 588 more words