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The casual stance, the attitude, the fantastic get up. It could only be New York. This photo of a young lady was taken unawares somewhere on Lower East side circa 2005. 56 more words


How to Dress for Work in the Sweltering Summer

Dressing for work is hard enough without the added element of serious summer heat. That’s why today, we’re sharing our top five tips for dressing for work when it’s… 191 more words

The Shortie

As the wedding/race/christening season is well and truly upon us, with invitations popping into the inbox, an all too familiar feeling of dread overcomes even the most confident: what to wear?! 195 more words


The Maxi Way

By Camila Abisambra

Ah, the maxi skirt. I greatly associate summer with maxi dresses and boho style. As much as I try to bring boho into my life in the colder months it’s just not the same as in summer. 208 more words


Summer layers: Will I melt to death?

As a Bay Area native, I am accustomed to contradicting weather. Sunshine during thunder storms, 85 degree gloom, and plenty of those days where you look out of your window and see a gorgeousness only to find that its freezing out. 147 more words

LA Summer Style


Summer layering essentials…

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Summer Dressing

So says style.com’s Emily Farra, and I certainly agree.

As the weather warms up, I may no longer be able to comfortably wear my go to tailoring and favourite black boots, but with a few less layers and some simple style swaps, my monochrome wardrobe remains safely intact. 13 more words