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Never thought I'd say it .....

But it’s too damn hot.  I can’t go anywhere or do anything without breaking out in attractive rivers of sweat.  Certainly not the day to play an hour of squash, which I did today and ended up feeling I was half the weight I started out at.   237 more words

Holiday hiccup .......

So finally our holiday has arrived.  It has been a mad panic getting everything packed up and as it’s Cornwall you never know what the weather will be like so end up taking your whole wardrobe.   220 more words

It's melting in little old Surbiton ......

Today the hottest day of the year I am mostly painting furniture blue whilst wearing a white outfit. It was never going to pan out well that, as a result I am now wearing a white outfit covered with blue paint stains.   110 more words

Being Trendy This Summer

As it is summer all of us like to be in loose and light clothes. Not caring about the occasion we dress the same way for every occasion not because we don’t want to look good but the very idea of wearing anything trendy creates an image of something heavy and thick which obviously none of us likes. 482 more words

Too hot to blog .....

Our house is at the top of a hill which mean cycling home from work can be a sweaty business. So coming in from work today I literally grabbed the first thing to hand was this little strapless dress from Reiss. 167 more words

Summer Brights

Another day, another fun summer dress. I promised you’d be seeing this dress again, but I was excited to style it more causally.

At the end of this week, I’m heading to Charleston, SC/Isle of Palms for a week at the beach, and to say I’m already there in my mind is an understatement. 158 more words

Cincinnati Blogger

Chaos reigns .....

Well the rugs rats are back and I have to admit I did rather them miss despite in literally half an hour my neat and organised house being reduced to a hovel of dirty washing and mess. 244 more words