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Outfit option no. 2 .........

Something borrowed, in this case the whole caboodle is borrowed from my gawgeous mate, Lindsey.

Smarter, more party, look and a gorgeously easy and forgiving dress to wear. 135 more words

Shortest outfit rundown ever ......

I’ve completely forgotten to take any photos of any outfits this week, oops.  It’s been one of those weeks. And we’re all rushing to down our tea as we’re going to East Finchley this evening as I’m playing in a squash tournament and the kids have been enticed to come by the prospect of a Thai meal at the end. 123 more words


Easily confused me .......

Occasionally, very occasionally mind, Next comes up with a gem or two.  These do tend to be dresses, I’m not so keen on their tops.  Over the last few years I’ve brought a couple of summer dresses – beach, ‘sack’ like style dresses – which I’ve worn and worn.   348 more words

Finally, though now I'm not sure ....

Cast your mind back to what seems like an age ago when I spied this off the shoulder, ruffled maxi dress from M&S in a Sunday mag.   370 more words

Double Time

We’ve had the winter watch, but with spring beckoning it’s time for a seasonal update – what a great way of getting wear out of multiple timepieces! 12 more words


Summer wardrobe that every girl should have

ఈ ఫ్యాషన్స్‌తో వేసవిలోనూ కూల్‌గా..!

వేసవికాలంలో బయటకు వెళ్లాలంటేనే భయం వేసేంతగా ఉష్ణోగ్రతలు నమోదు కావడం ఇప్పుడు సర్వసాధారణమైపోయింది. కారణాలేవైనా…readmore

Beauty & Fashion

Follow these tips for fashionable and comfortable summer

వేసవిలోనూ కలర్‌ఫుల్‌గా కనిపించాలంటే…

బయట అడుగుపెడితే చాలు… ఎండలు మండిపోతున్నాయి. ఇంట్లో ఉండడం కూడా కష్టమే అవుతోంది. మార్చి మొదట్లోనే.. readmore

Beauty & Fashion