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Summer wish list - BASICS

In the past year I have thrown out nearly my entire wardrobe. I have some things in my wardrobe that I still love and am waiting on some weight loss to be able to fit. 839 more words

Layering 101

Hello lovely people! Welcome back to my little world. I’ve been constantly travelling every single weekend so I’ve not been able to write regularly. But that’s gonna change very soon as I have soo much exciting content to share from my trips! 182 more words

FASHFEST 2017 in Review

There’s been a lot of ‘firsts’ this year for FASHFEST, but from all the stunning gowns, gorgeous bridal wear, and everything in between we’ve chosen to review those that are a little bit different. 405 more words

LFW Your Canberra

Summer Collection out now!

New season, new look! 

October Collection is out now with 23 bright, fresh new looks to take you through to summer. This summer is all about comfort, style and lashings of bright, fresh, fabulous colour!  181 more words

Australian Plus Size

Τι λάτρεψα από τη ντουλάπα μου αυτό το καλοκαίρι!

Αυτό το καλοκαίρι μπορώ να πω πως το παράκανα στις αγορές. Δεν άντεξα στο πειρασμό και αγόρασα παραπάνω ρούχα και τσάντες από όσα χρειαζόμουν. Όλα όμως τα φόρεσα και τα λάτρεψα.

Χωρίς κατηγορία

Day 23: Tell ME What to Wear?

Is my significant other allowed to police what I wear? NO. The police are very unpopular in my nation now, and when I hear “police” I think spot fines, and unnecessary rules which change whenever they like. 104 more words


The Bakery Collection of Beauty Buffet Nail Colors look too delish to paint !

Walking down the wide lanes of the land where one gets lost without chasing a white rabbit and curiously wonders what’s next in store, I suddenly found myself breathing the scent of sugar emanating from a sweet little place at MBK mall in Bangkok, the board said… 336 more words

Palette Of Life