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Healthier Blueberry Crisp (+ Fermented Blueberries)

Bluebs! …as my friend endearingly calls them.  It’s blueberry season, and since I’m now hooked on fermenting fruit– check out this post on how I fermented strawberries… 597 more words


Apricots and Dragon Fruit

Today I tried an apricot and a dragon fruit for the first time.

The apricot reminded me of a peach in its texture and its sweetness. 40 more words


Saucy Blueberry Syrup & Pancakes

Something about fresh, vibrant, mouthwatering seasonal berries really gets me excited.

Plentifully available at the front of grocery stores, farmers markets and even farm stands as you drive through farm heavy lands, berries are the decadent treats of the fruit world. 733 more words


Field Trip: Strawberry Picking

Visit: Hand Melon Farm, Greenwich, New York, about a twenty minute drive east of Saratoga Springs.

Several years ago, I discovered my secret super power: the power to pick large amounts of fruit very quickly. 443 more words

Berry Picking

Watermelon Sculptures and Baskets

Extreme artisans – watermelon designers from all over the world competed in the watermelon carving expo in the Czech Republic a few years ago. The 2008 Melounovy Festival had some marvelous contenders. 271 more words

Other Uses For Food

Foodie Friday: Summer Fruit Crostata!

On Saturday, my mom saw a crostata on the cover of a magazine and could not stop thinking about it. So after we had dinner that night, I threw one together. 257 more words


Strawberries with lemon and lavender

Spring arrives in April or May and slowly but surely baskets of strawberries begin to overtake the fruit vendors shelves in my neighborhood. The brighter their color, the more often I find myself  cheerfully adding strawberries to my fruit… 263 more words

My Culinary Tradition