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Zine Review: Summer Goals List

Summer Goals List
Sarah McNeil

I’m not sure if I’m trying to be ironic or if I’m really missing summer in the midst of a dreary end of July (so sick of winter) by reading and reviewing this zine. 218 more words


The Half-Mature Monster on Holiday

I work at a school and during summer break calm descends upon the world. Meaning I have more freedom to take vacation days and get home earlier. 452 more words



The rumors are true.  When you walk into my house, my grade school white board full of GOALS is there to greet you. (nerd alert!) Summer goals, winter goals, work goals, personal goals, financial goals, philanthropy goals, fitness goals etc. 198 more words

Pluto shines as my summer wanes

I gobbled up every tidbit of information and photos as New Horizons made its closest approach to Pluto in mid-July.  On July 14, I was glued to the TV as NASA TV played the computer simulation of the spacecraft’s motions in its fly-by.  274 more words


Summer goals 2015!

Wow! I can’t believe we’re already a quarter way into the summer! Life passes by fast when you’re on a roll every day – elearning, swimming and media projects add up. 642 more words


Sharing My Summer Goals

I do love a good list, so today I decided to share my summer goals! I’m only working part time at the moment, so I wanted to make sure my spare time wasn’t all spent in pants with elastic waist bands (my favourite kind), binge-watching reality TV. 460 more words