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Summer Break 2015

Finally, the spring semester has ended. I have never needed summer break more than I do now. I would like this to be a successful and productive summer. 216 more words


Summer Time

Some of my summer goals. I really want to focus on tracing my family history and getting in shape. I might try to save money up to get a DNA test in order to trace my family history. 67 more words

Bucket List

Birthday Bucket List

I want to create a bucket list for this summer but since my birthday is ~1.5 months away, I’m making it a birthday bucket list. It’ll be the perfect mid-summer check-in to evaluate my birthday list and how much I’m enjoying the summer. 525 more words


Everything Is (Mostly) Great Except For My Love Life: A Recovery Update

I’m way out of shape.

I’ve been actively working towards my summer goals for a few days now, and I think I’m sort of headed in the right direction. 560 more words


The semester is finished! Let summer begin!

I completed my second to last semester today. It was a tough one I will admit; there was one class in particular that was very stressful. 258 more words

Summa Summa Summa Goals

If you follow me on tumblr you know that this past year of school was tough, and I have no desire to rehash all that, but I’m looking to make some real improvements this summer. 202 more words


Here We Are Again

I’ve lost count of how many times I have started blogs, then stopped writing, only to pick it back up again either at a rough point or a really high point in my life. 184 more words