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My Summer Goals

My first year of University is over which means I’m now on my Summer break. Although I do plan to spend some time relaxing I will be doing a lot of work towards my portfolio. 150 more words

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Summer Goals

So the last nine months have flown by, I’ve submitted countless assignments, read numerous novels, poems, academic journals, and finally my second year of university is over. 1,448 more words


Summer Goals - 2016

Oh, man. The last three weeks have been a mess. With the end of the spring semester and starting my summer/soon-to-be-year-round job, all the while co-running a small business, I’ve had very little time for anything else (hence the inconsistent blog post schedule)—including writing and reading. 1,080 more words


Hello and welcome to my blog! I am excited to share all of the random thoughts that go through my head as I start a new summer adventure. 404 more words

Goal Planning

Malapascua Island: The Northern Paradise

Malapascua Island is located in Northern most tip of Cebu City Philippines, this is one charming island famous of unspoiled white sand beaches, corals and of course, one of the world’s best diving sites. 420 more words


summer 2016 book list

I’ve loved reading for as long as I can remember, from being read to as a small child, being handed my first Harry Potter novel at the age of 8, and finally discovering my own interests and passions in literature through high school and university. 124 more words


Creating Your Summer Goals

Did you know that the majority of our tasks take twice as long as we think they will?

Ok, I don’t have a scientific study to cite on that… but I heard it once. 384 more words

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