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The Sound of Mischief

I think it all started during the heat of the Dubai summer. All Dubaians know how impossible it is to convey how hot and humid the summer can be. 575 more words

Common Sights of Summer in Dubai

Temperatures rise, often above 40°c, days get longer and people try to be indoors most of the time. But not everyone can afford to do that.


The Land of Sun, Sand, Change and Goodbyes

The ‘Sandpit’ as expats affectionately refer to Dubai truly is a place that bristles with a permanent sense of ambition and excitement. Indeed in Dubai the rate of change is something on which the Emirate appears to thrive (especially where that rate is at ‘headspinning’ levels). 374 more words


Hey Guys!

How about making our room cool and brighter this summer with inexpensive and very easy DIY’s..

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Still going...

So, the container left yesterday. There were tears. There’s been a lot of tears this week, and tantrums, mainly in the car to and from places behind the relative safety of my sunglasses so I don’t upset/annoy/embarrass the very people I’m crying over. 988 more words

A Dubai 'moment'

You know its summer when

With temperature hitting 50.5’C in the UAE last week, I thinks it’s safe to say the summer is well and truly here. However if that wasn’t enough his a wee list to convince you….. 161 more words

Expat Life

What do you call a Heatwave in the Desert?

It started last weekend. The end of May is unusually early. I wasn’t prepared. It felt like it came out of nowhere and blindsided me. At one point, I thought it was… 546 more words