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Dollar Dollar Bills Ya'll

See what I did there…Here are a couple of catchy tunes to start your Monday off right. The LunchMoney Lewis song is really sweet and I will be bumping that one for awhile.


My 2015 Summer Jam

I cannot stop listening to this song.

New projects are afoot!  Might stay here at WordPress!  Might go, uh…somewhere!  Idunno, but I BETTER WERQ


A Mid-Year HM Personal Music Update

For most of us, this summer has been quite a scorcher, but the heat is nothing that couldn’t be fixed by some cool summer jams*.  Our last music post was roughly… 154 more words


Drop the Mic: Summer Fridays edition

Summer Fridays are a special bird- unique, fun to look at, interesting to take part in. They are fraught with anticipation and excitement because what, oh what could the upcoming weekend have in store? 195 more words


07FIFTEEN | Jams

5 New Things in My Life that are Worth Celebrating:

  • I guess I’m one of those people who “likes rice cakes” now (namely the Cinnamon toast ones with lots of ricotta cheese, a handful blueberries and a drizzle of honey)
  • 60 more words

5 Summer Jams You Need To Listen to Immediately

What is it about a new music in the summer? It’s when the breezy, feel good jams invade the radio and stick with you throughout the year. 349 more words

New Music

Cool for the Summer

“Don’t tell your mother, kiss one another, die for each other.”-Demi Lovato

Please don’t mind me and my new-found obsession for this song. It’s fueling so many early morning and late night runs, and plenty of train rides to work. 12 more words