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I really hate summer. It’s too hot, especially in the city with the added humidity. I always feel uncomfortable and I usually have to take at least two showers a day. 558 more words


Alabama Town Demands Teenagers Get Business Licenses in Order to Mow Lawns

Summer jobs for teens just aren’t what they used to be in these United States.

It seems that one city in Alabama has decided that local kids who want to mow lawns as a way of making a few bucks can only do so legally… 390 more words

Mayor Emanuel Talks With Those Participating In The One Summer Chicago Jobs Program

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Emanuel Administration is highlighting its weeks-old One Summer Chicago jobs program, which is helping tens of thousands of your people stay active and safe this season. 223 more words


East Haven mayor pledges funds for kids summer jobs

EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — State aid cuts would have left over 35 local children without jobs this summer. But, Mayor Joseph Maturo, Jr. announced on Thursday that despite the State’s elimination of a $26,000 dollar grant to East Haven to fund its summer work program for low-income youths, he has instructed the Town’s Finance Director to re-appropriate Town monies to fill the gap and to ensure that all of the Town’s eligible youths have the opportunity to participate in the Town’s “2017 Workforce Alliance” program. 400 more words


Summer Jobs - Forty years ago, nearly 60% of U.S. teenagers were working or looking for work. Last year, just 35% were

“It is getting harder to find students that will work,” says Toby Wolf, director of marketing at the boardwalk. “Each year it’s getting harder and harder. 643 more words

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What These Celebrities and CEOs Learned From Their Summer Jobs

As part of TIME’s look at the changing face of America’s summer work, we asked entertainers, CEOs, writers and other influencers to tell us about their most memorable summer jobs. 10 more words

Where Did America's Summer Jobs Go?

It’s not like the jobs aren’t there. The ice cream still needs scooping. A Tilt-a-Whirl doesn’t run itself. And that floppy, weirdly heavy rubber frog that somersaults toward the rotating lily pads? 2,846 more words