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A bit of lace

I’m so pleased to be finished with this project, and I got it to come out just the way I wanted. While Talavera was beautiful just as it was written, I made a few modifications to suit my needs. 375 more words


Excuse the wrinkles

This top has been finished and blocked for some time now, but it’s been hard to find the time to get some photographs. It’s been a hectic week with a sick and cranky 1 yr old.  284 more words


Steady on

I know this is a knitting blog, and I almost never get political, but it feels like I couldn’t write a post in the wake of the tragedy in Orlando without saying something. 319 more words


Growler Caddy (craft beer peeps only)

One day, I decided I needed a bag to carry a water bottle in. I had all this ugly brown cotton yarn that I had purchased to make a pad for my swiffer. 172 more words


Too few hours in the day

I’m moving slowly on this TTTKAL project. The knit along is supposed to end on the 27th and I’m woefully behind. The weekends have been packed with fun family time that doesn’t allow for knitting, and some of my evening downtime is spent trying to get Fitbit steps like a madwoman to fight more sternly with the post-baby pudge that’s so very settled on my bones at this minute.  161 more words


Ah, knit alongs

I love knit alongs. They come with a feeling of community and connection to people far away. They inspire me to stay on track and complete a project in a timely fashion. 264 more words