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FO: My Last Togue Pond of the Summer (promise)

Oops, I did it again. I made a THIRD Togue Pond Tank!!!

I told you before, I was first introduced to this pattern via Fringe Association… 389 more words


FO: A Togue Pond Tank for Jess

The best messages come with lots of exclamation points! I mentioned that Monday was delivery day for the baby cardigan and blanket and my BFF Jess was getting… 429 more words


Spiral Stitch Mason Jar Cozy

So, I know I’m a little late (okay, very late) to the mason jar craze. But, I love staying hydrated all summer long with this versatile little jar. 297 more words

The Humble Beet's Guide to Summer Knitting

I am here to abolish the false and misguided notion that knitting is exclusively a wintertime activity. This is a horribly erroneous belief that has been propagated through the ages, and likely stems from the idea that knitwear can’t be worn in the summer. 459 more words


Stitching Status: All Over the Place

First, can we talk about how much I love my dog? I just needed to say that. She is the best knitting buddy and loves to tangle her paws in my yarn and then takeover my lap in the middle of a project. 219 more words


It's too %^*$ing hot

I don’t like it.

I refuse to accept that it’s this hot.

It’s been in the upper 80s/low 90s for weeks at this point, and I’ve really and truly begun to melt. 244 more words


Stitching Status for the Weekend

Hello, Summer Friday! My favorite day of the week. I live for weekends, I really do. Although I’d love to be doing a lot of this all weekend… 305 more words

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