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Seasonal Bucket List

I have an overall life bucket list but I add to it all the time and take away from it all the time. I thought maybe it would be easier to make smaller bucket lists and go for finishing them within a few months. 592 more words


The 2018 Summer Reading List.

Hey guys, so I happen to be the book manager for our Comic and Book Club. So this year I’m putting out a summer reading list to all interested in talking about specific books. 83 more words

May 2018

My Summer 2017


With Labor Day just having passed, and the end of summer officially here. I thought I’d take a moment and reflect back on my summer and look towards fall. 399 more words



Hunter and I finally tried out a Trampoline Park!

We had a blast! This is definitely something we will be doing again!

Why is a Trampoline Park a go to place? 181 more words

Summer Bucket List

I never make Bucket Lists! Yes, I know bucket lists are primarily for when you’re preparing to “kick the bucket” but work with me here! I always see folks making various bucket lists and I thought it’d be awesome to hold myself accountable for making these desires come true!! 188 more words


Climbing Mountains

I have a running joke with a friend of mine that the first mountain I climb is an active volcano and it will be my last. 1,389 more words


Summer 2017: Exciting Things

Summer is still on its way to Ontario, with the weather being slightly above 20 degrees Celsius this May. However, I try my best to stay excited about upcoming summer months by anticipating upcoming adventures and creating a list of things to do. 439 more words