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Special Effects 

As preparation for the special effects in the film, I purchased and tested the latex techniques. Using the latex and an iPad and a stand, I put together a video presenting how I was going to go about creating the effects. 11 more words

Summer Project

Seed Experimenting

I knew that we were going to need to have seeds floating on the surface of the bath in our video, and therefore, I took it upon myself to test if this would work. 198 more words

Summer Project

Filming Schedule

In order to film, we had to email the teacher to book the equipment for the weekend that we wanted. As we had already envisaged the idea for the film, established a location and actors, and had drawn up some story boards, we decided to film it as soon as we possibly could. 73 more words

Summer Project

Initial Film Ideas

Our first ideas were based on the place Bath, as we wanted to subvert from the expected ideas based around an actual bath. As starter research for this we looked into the history of the place. 569 more words

Summer Project

Summer 2016 Planning for M&M

So last summer was a blur for me! I think the main reason is because it was our 1st summer in our new home and over the winter I did a lot of DIY projects. 299 more words

Two Children

Homeschooling: Summer Planning

Even after these last few years of homeschooling, I’m still not sure whether it’s better to take the summer off from doing lessons or homeschool all the way through. 745 more words


Summertime Strides: How to Make the Most of Your "Summer"

There is a pretty large misconception when working in Residence Life (or Higher Education for that matter) that we, like the students have summers off to go off and enjoy and not worry about work. 745 more words