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Last Week of SPLS Summer Program 2016

Attention children, parents, and teens.

The beginning of next week marks the end of our Annual Children’s Summer Program for 2016! As a way of going out with a big hurra, the Southern Prairie Library System will be hosting an annual event for the closing of our Children’s Summer Program. 204 more words


-by Bruce Duane

At the 2012 United Nations summit on sustainable development, there was much discussion about the need for a “Green Economy”. This is a great idea, but many believed that this idea was too small. 340 more words


-by Christy Winer

The HELCOM ad hoc SEAL expert group are studying the populations’ progress and its threats. The water quality and human activities impact their habitats and influence their population size. 281 more words

Baltic Sea

-by Emma Davies

In today’s society global warming and climate change are critical environmental problems. However, their exact effects on the Baltic Sea and its ecosystems are not thoroughly known. 225 more words

Baltic Sea

-by Jessica Sellin

It is estimated that about 15.000 tonnes of chemical agents were dumped in the Baltic Sea shortly after the Second World War. Over the years, the casings containing the chemical agents have rusted away leaving the toxic substances exposed to water. 358 more words

Baltic Sea

-by Kimberly Berglöf

We know that climate change and a changing environment is inescapable but with new technology it will be easier to make the transition in to a more sustainable future smoother. 482 more words

Baltic Sea