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Samantha Mendez: "Musings from the VHML Summer Seminar 2017"

Prior to the 2017 summer seminar, my research exposure was mostly on the field of Psychology. My collaborations were also limited to the Psychological discipline; hence, my understanding of the world was mostly influenced by the psychological frame. 424 more words

Virtue, Happiness, & The Meaning Of Life

Shawntel: My Summer Seminar

The past six weeks in the HSI Pathways Summer Seminar were nothing short of incredible! Throughout these past six weeks, I grew both as an academic and person. 231 more words

Eryn: My Summer Seminar

A theme that has been central to our program at Northridge is that of “unknown unknowns.” This refers to information that we are completely unaware of, but can be beneficial to our success. 543 more words

Hermes: My Summer Seminar

We have made it to the end of an intense Summer Seminar graduate school boot camp! I feel equipped and ready to tackle the challenges of graduate school and the application process that comes with it. 148 more words

Carla: My Summer Seminar

Reflecting on the six weeks of the summer seminar, I find myself feeling thankful and motivated. I cannot believe that I was a part of an amazing six weeks that helped everyone in the cohort, including me, to prepare for graduate school. 349 more words

Ellie: My Summer Seminar

Initially I thought the summer seminar was going to be difficult and I was not wrong. The HSI Pathways summer seminar was a grind, but a wonderful, productive and blossoming experience. 144 more words

Yaquelin: My Summer Seminar

I know I want to be a professor, I know that I want to go to graduate school, and I know that it will be a challenge. 152 more words