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Design Competition: Promotion & Social Media

At this point I feel like there are a million different elements that we have to think about for our pitch in a few weeks, but we’ve been managing to break down everything little by little so it’s less terrifying… 380 more words


DC _ Summer Show - Development

Through a lot of emails, sent and received, I ended up with the news that we could not rent those type of spotlights for the show. 115 more words

Design Competition

Design Competition: Plaster Casting

For the Summer Show we’ve used Sign Language and the imagery of hands as a starting point for our image making. During my initial research… 444 more words


Design Competition: Poster Zine

Last year I was in the Impression studio and between us we managed to design and print the whole of the Summer Show catalogue. So our group has used some of that knowledge to guide our proposal. 207 more words


D.C: Furniture: Further development (4)

Wayfinding and Navigation.

Locating studios or even rooms can be difficult sometimes, and sometimes, when you lose track of time or focus, you can even forget which room you’re in. 79 more words

D.C: Furniture: Development (3)

I had a re-think about the mock up designs, and among the blank backgrounds of our spaces, I figured out that it was hard to see the furniture example with in the space. 281 more words