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Design competition- summer show -Whitechapel gallery visit Guerilla girls

In 1986, the Guerrilla Girls – an anonymous group of feminist artists based in the USA – published a portfolio called Guerrilla Girls Talk Back… 104 more words

Design competition- summer show- color palette

I was thinking about color palette for our exhibition. I basing the palette on this year booklets promoting CASS vis Comm . I think we may give different colour to a different studios and signage .

Design competition - summer show- exhibition plan

I decided to do draw some plan in In Design for a dialogue studio. I think idea to hang Swiss poster would look very nice in the studio space. 53 more words

Design competition - summer show - research - Stolen space

Recently I visited one of my favorite galleries ‘Stolen space’. Stolen space is a gallery located very close to our University. Stolen space exhibit genre of work labelled as underground or street art. 41 more words

Design competition- summer show- displaying sketchbooks

I researched some ideas of dispaying sketchbooks. In some degree shows they hanged the best pages on the wall, at other, they just put them on the top on the tables.  24 more words

Design competition- summer show - print work

I researched some ideas of hanging print works. The one I found is creative and cheap.

I like the idea of hanging posters in the middle of the wall instead of putting them on the walls.

Summer show - galleries, exhibitions and shows research

Melbourne design studios Right Angle and Foolscap have created a temporary canteen, market and cinema in a former piano factory

Not very sassy, but simple idea. 61 more words