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Just Om Your Way Through It

Times Square + yoga = oxymoron. Or so I thought. This time two years ago my life felt a bit lethargic. So I decided to shake things up a bit and signed up to do yoga in the least likely of places—Times Square, NYC. 555 more words

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The Longest Day? Daylight Savings Time

This week our topic asks us about Daylight Savings Time…are we more productive, more happy during it? I think it has less to do with the hour being changed to the days simply being ‘longer’ because the sunlight is with us more. 697 more words


Lochnagar Solstice (full)

“What a night!” I recall Alan saying, as he regaled me with his story. There we were, sitting enjoying our tea break in the main boilerhouse at Dundee University in June 2004, where Alan and I had been busy carrying out the annual servicing to one of the four monstrous boilers that provide heat for many campus buildings. 4,488 more words


Hello, is this thing on?

Oh, boy! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted anything here or on FF.net. To be brutally honest, I just didn’t feel like writing anything. 721 more words


Emma & Zak | Married

I met Emma and Zak at the Wedding of Kaleb and Gemma, which I photographed last year. Zak was Kaleb’s best man., and I distinctly remember him turning into a statue the very second I pointed my camera in his direction… How things can change! 373 more words

Will Spring Ever Get Here? Yes It Will.

With snow this weekend and another round of cold temperatures expected in coming weeks, it feels like spring will never get to Illinois. But it will arrive someday – I promise. 339 more words

Climate Monitoring

The Stonehenge thing...

Being the type of person I am, I felt it necessary as a teenager to experience the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge. The first time I went it was the year after the bean field riots; it was also the first year that we, as a gang, had a member who had passed his car driving test, and had a vehicle that we could use. 1,621 more words