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Countdown to Goddess Gathering!

Last weekend was the first work/camping weekend at Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary. A rainy Friday and some chilly nights left a small group to do a walk-through to assess the Winter’s damages. 754 more words

News And Events

March, Forward

March was a month filled with markers.

First, of course, was the conclusion of treatment: with my last dose of radiation on March 6th, the treatment portion of this long road is complete. 1,438 more words

Breast Cancer

What's New at Moody Moons?

Check out the latest handmade items from Moody Moons.  Click on the picture to go to the product page for a full description.

Get ready for Beltane! 106 more words


A few facts about Stonehenge.

History.com listed these interesting facts about Stonehenge:

“Among the remaining riddles about Stonehenge is how its builders, who had only primitive tools, managed to haul all the massive stones to the site. 322 more words

Spiritual Preparation

I have to admit that as the time to leave for my cross country trip neared, I was feeling nervous.  A 54 year old woman driving alone across the continent, and mostly sleeping in her van.  296 more words

Cross Country Sojourn

Egyptian Astronomy: 2. The Causeways of the Pyramids

Causeways and their Orientations

Causeways, now much in ruins, were once covered walkways leading from the east to the temples of the pyramids. They were beautifully decorated with star patterns. 509 more words


Egyptian Astronomy: 1. The Sphinx and Zep Tepi

Great Sphinx, Wikipedia

Monuments of Ancient Egypt

We, at Kanayama Megaliths, have been studying the Egyptian monuments in order to understand their megalithic calendar. The Message of the Sphinx has been an excellent resource.  507 more words