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Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is the longest day and shortest night of the calendar year. In the Northern Hemisphere it is around June 21st and in the Southern Hemisphere, it is around December 21st.   618 more words

Wednesday 21 June 2017. Sunrise on the Solstice at Meadowbrook

It was 64 degrees F at 5:15 this morning of the first day of summer and the longest day of the year!

Was thrilled (and amazed) to have gotten myself going early enough to be heading to Meadowbrook Park on… 272 more words


Salt Lake City, Utah to Rawlins, Wyoming

June 21, 2017 – Summer Solstice – Utah and Wyoming – Day 1

This summer Chad and I set out on an 11 day road trip, driving to Nashville and back. 450 more words


Summer Solstice at Wisconsin Point

Just about every year we try to drive out to Wisconsin Point to Photograph the lighthouse when the sun rises from behind the lighthouse. We made the trip again this year. 177 more words




I wanted to see where beauty comes from
without you in the world, hauling my heart
across sixty acres of northeast meadow,
my pockets filling with flowers. 311 more words


Arc of the Low Summer Moon

The summer Full Moon arcs low across the southern sky, mimicking the path of the winter Sun.

This is a project I had in mind for the last month, and hoped to capture at the July Full Moon. 385 more words


Summer Solstice Spotlight. June 22, 2017

The day after summer solstice dawned bright and clear. We eagerly went to Senkoku-ishi for the noon spotlight in the upper grotto. There were so many people present that it was hard to get a good shot. 10 more words

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