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December Solstice 2016 C.E.

It is the Season of Solstice on planet Earth: as Earth’s tilt leans us to the furthest point either away from, or toward Sun – our source of life and energy.  1,194 more words

PaGaian Cosmology

Mother Sun Ripens in Us: So May We Shine

In Summer Solstice ceremony as it may be done, the group blesses each with: It is the Sun that ripens in you: so may you shine. 411 more words

PaGaian Cosmology


Litha otherwise known as the Summer Solstice, is the longest day of the year. While there are still plenty of long hot summer days to come, from this point on the days will commence to get shorter until we reach the opposite aspect of the wheel, Yule. 136 more words

Traditional Holidays

6. First Steps

My first full moon solitary ritual was just before the summer solstice. I had done personal research and study over a period of two years. I then set up a solitary magical space dismissing from my mind past Christian teachings.  1,475 more words

Life Matters

Mt. Pilchuk

After work on the longest day of the year, we set out to Mt. Pilchuk to watch the sun sink behind the horizon.

I’ve only done it once, but Mt. 317 more words


While the nation celebrated Pride

The Lion stood on the god over all the Babylonian gods that be not gods.

I was perplexed because both the wise and the foolish virgins had fell asleep.   144 more words

Solar Astronomy at Stonehenge

Most people are aware that Stonehenge is somehow aligned to the annual movements of the Sun.

Each year thousands of pilgrims, druids and party-goers gather in celebration, hoping to witness the most famous of these – the… 524 more words

Winter Solstice