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Strawberry Moon

 Photos by courtesy of Daily Mail, i.dailymail.co.uk

It’s strawberry picking time. As the longest day flows into the evening and the sunset paints the sky with strokes of peach and apricot hues, we settle into our viewing spot on top of the hill. 494 more words

Hottest Days Of Year Arrive Despite Longest Days Last Month

By Chris Spears

DENVER (CBS4) – Have you ever wondered why the longest days of the year occur in late June but the hottest days don’t arrive until several weeks later? 346 more words


{{.Summer Solstice 2016.}}

The summer solstice was on June 20 this year. In our house, we celebrate the changing of the seasons. For summer, I made our mini human a flower crown made out of clovers and some little purple and white flowers that I can’t identify after a couple hours of research. 146 more words

New England Photography

Summer Solstice QAL - Flying Geese

Talk about a week! Our AC went out and if you leave anywhere near Houston, TX, or the devils back yard, they are truly about the same, it has been HOT! 82 more words


Summer Solstice: Honoring Anahita, the Mother of Waters

Summer Solstice: Honoring Anahita, the Mother of Waters

Ritual performed by Three Cranes Grove, ADF for a Grove-only Summer Solstice in 2016. All parts written by Rev. 4,836 more words

Walking The Path

TLT Week 24: Midnight Sun and Polar Night

I feel like I’ve been groping around in the dark lately, searching for that spark of inspiration. It sometimes helps when I’m prompted to get the creative juices flowing again. 171 more words


DeJā 2016 - Latvian Burn

Yet another gathering with the most amazing people from different corners of the world took place at Rafa farm this midsummer – DeJā 2016 – regional burning man festival in Latvia. 11 more words