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English Heritage are hiring a new 'solstice coordinator' at Stonehenge.

How would you like to help organise this year’s solstice celebrations at Stonehenge?

English Heritage is advertising for a solstice coordinator to help put on seasonal gatherings at the ancient site near Salisbury. 250 more words

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Druid Protester King Arthur Pendragon granted Stonehenge ‘pay to pray’ court date.

Senior druid Arthur Pendragon has been told he can take English Heritage to court to challenge “pay to pray” car parking charges at Stonehenge.

King Arthur Pendragon… 284 more words

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2010年。これはサンタバーバラ市のサマーソルステスパレードの様子である。ダンサーのコスチュームは、美しく明るいオレンジ色に明るい青色、そしてアクセントのゴールドがあちらこちらに。こんないい写真が撮れたような一年だから、写真的に言えば2010年は僕の最高の年だ。Vanessa Isaac


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Summer Solstice 2016

I hope everyone has had a fantastic holiday period. On Sunday the 19th December our Grove celebrated Alban Hefin/Summer Solstice/Litha. It was a nice day so we all walked out to the Grove using the new pathway that many of us hadn’t used yet. 296 more words

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Written June 2016

We watch this most incredibly funny film, called Spy, over beer, our celebration for something, for me a celebration of solstice. The most sacred time of the year, normally unnoticed on the Skanda Vale calendar, as with most calendars, but for me quite central to my understanding of the rising and falling of earth energy, inhaling and exhaling. 73 more words

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Ring Out, The Solstice Bells

Litha has just passed; a day of festivity, fire, and food. The Summer Solstice landed on the 21st this year, and we looked forward to and prepared for a day together around table and fire. 338 more words


12 Nights of Yule- December 25th

As my family and I celebrate Christmas on the sixth night of Yule, I quietly set my intentions for June and Litha- the Summer Solstice. 270 more words

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