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My three favourite and easy baking recipes - Part 2

I’m usually quite a happy person but recently i have fallen into a slump of blah. I think its just a lack of energy post sickness combined with a high amount of work stress. 371 more words


Nutella Popsicles! #CaitlansKitchen

Yep, thats right, I’m back with another #CaitlansKitchen post and this one is on the ever so simple Nutella Popsicles. This ‘recipe’ make six popsicles. It is super easy and if you’d like to watch me make them – watch it here. 259 more words

Boozy Pops!

Want to spice up your event? Boozy pops are a fun way to impress your guests! check out these delicious flavors from our recent Island Hotel event. 14 more words

Peach Skillet Cake

This is a recipe I like to pull out this time of year.

Although¬†I’m calling it “Peach Cake”, it should really be called “Insert fruit or berry of your choice cake”! ¬† 85 more words


Vanilla Cupcakes with Lemon Curd

Last weekend I had a fabulous weekend visiting friends in DC and along the way I came across a cold. What better way to spend a day at home, inside, than baking cupcakes? 773 more words

Mini S'mores - Easy for little hands!

I looooove s’mores, but I have never had an easy time eating them. When you bite into it, the graham cracker smooshes melted marshmallow all over your hands and face. 340 more words

Good Eats

Smart choices help you enjoy cool summer treats

As temperatures consistently reach triple digits, it can be tempting to reach for ice-cold treats to help cool you off. 235 more words

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