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This month the chosen "Trip of the month" is Seville!

Bloggers chose Andalucia as the trip of the month, stay tuned for news!


Weird dreams and other things

Breakfast yesterday morning consisted of Donuts. Hey at least I ate. I almost never eat breakfast. I know it’s bad but in my eating disorder mind it makes perfect sense. 220 more words

Summer Trips!

In case you missed it, all of the summer trips are posted and registration forms are available! Here’s a handy dandy graphic that sums them all up, and has links to all the registration forms!


Trips This Year!

In case you missed it, all of the registration forms for trips this year are now posted and available on the ‘Forms‘ page! But, just because we are so thoughtful, we’re posting them here as well! 112 more words


Summer Fun

Back in April my kids and I made a “summer fun jar”, something I had heard of often and finally decided to do. The idea is you put slips of paper in a jar with things you and your kids want to do over the summer and pull one out when the whole “I’m bored” drama begins. 72 more words


"Bring Me The Sunset In A Cup"

Hello Friends,
My 8 year old Wacom went off to “that better place” people speak of. I was rather bummed, so I replaced it, instantly. :) 57 more words


Pack your Bug Spray...


This week Alec and I hopped in the car and took a short trip to Great Falls Park in Maryland.  It was an absolutely beautiful day for August in Maryland so we figured what better way to spend it than outside! 321 more words