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Morgan Bosman

Check this music from Morgan Bosman : her self-titled EP is  Amazing



Day 2 in

The Office

Even though I returned from my first year of uni and am supposed to be Different and Mature and Older, I feel strangely younger than ever, like I’m pulling a Benjamin Button in dragging slo-mo. 255 more words


Bookworming through writer's block

Writer’s block. Backspacing. Typing. No, no. Backspacing some more. Typing. All in your mind as you grapple with what words to string along to elucidate these nebulous thoughts floundering around in your head. 196 more words


Sleepy summer vibes, I guess.

Here’s to the thermally coolest start of summer I have ever experienced. It’s refreshing albeit humid–I’m just about ready to doze off any second now. VANS propped up on the car dashboard; I’m curled up in the front seat ruminating about ruminating. It is 1 PM.



Today is a very special day for me, I have made my mind about an important decision I had to make at some point in my life, and today was the day… I’m scared now, but I feel brave. 92 more words

Yesterday's Sunny Lunch

It’s amazing how much you get out of a day when you get up early, I get baffled every time. Yesterday I had to get up at 6am to take the bus at 7am and I got back home around eleven. 342 more words


On a warm Saturday afternoon, we decided to go on a road trip. So, at an impulse we drove from Cavite to Batangas, trailed open roads and wandered through byways. 103 more words