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Summer weather forecast 2017: What's in store for Canadians

It may be a wet start to the summer for many Canadians, but don’t worry: the heat is expected to arrive, it may just be a little later than normal. 457 more words



One of my enduring memories of performing in ‘Oliver!’ last summer was the heat. When I think about my costume for ‘Consider Yourself’ (two layers of 100% pure wool, cheers JC) I think about how the heat from the stage lights made my entire body feel like it was on fire.  285 more words



It’s been all sticky, hot and torrid,
Now, the weather’s downight horrid;
All we’ve got is clouds and rain..
The English summer’s back again.

The roses glowing in the sun… 105 more words


Ohrwurm of the Week No 2

With yet another day of perfect summer weather and in accord with yesterday’s theme, here is my Ohrwurm of the day. Due to infringement rights issues, I could only get the Paul McCartney version. 161 more words


Thursday Thoughts #8 - Tummy Tuck

Summer is coming which means warm weather which means it’s much too hot to wear pants and everyone wears half pants aka shorts (or pants, still, if you’re my wife). 367 more words

Life Update

It's What I Do

Yesterday was hot; today
Was warm (or less hot, anyway).
Tomorrow should be cooler still.
Will I still sweat? You bet I will!


82° in the shade, and other summery joys

I’m not one to require a lot of change in a good routine. After dinner Wednesday,  my husband and I headed for my favorite pond in the whole world, which happens to have trout and to be a few minutes from our home. 262 more words