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Spring has Sprung...

As any dog owner knows, the good weather is a god send!

You get out more, your dog gains boundless energy (as do you!) The sun just makes life a whole lot better. 54 more words


California Weather

I received this text over the weekend.

It looks like it’s Summer in California!

The text is kind’ve mean since we’re still encased in four feet of snow here on the East Coast!



There are moments

that remind you of cherished childhood memories–

of that scent of grass,

of that hot humid summer weather,

of that sun which shines its brightest. 13 more words


Want to escape the cold? Travel where it's still summer right now

(CNN) — We know you’re shivering.

For people living in North America, it’s been an especially brutal winter. The first day of spring — March 20 — can’t come too soon. 400 more words


Sprinting up!

8mi. Two days after running a 5k at Riverbend Park, I may have been inspired to run the hills with some purpose. I did the mile warmup in 83 degree sun, starting at 3:50pm. 106 more words


There's always time

I said I wouldn’t go fishing until I sorted all my work out but the weather just took a turn for the better! There’s always time to go make a few casts! 7 more words


Fashion that'll Take your Breath Away

It’s been seven years since the last time I’ve been to LA.  I’ve been loving Northern Cali for the past 1.5 years, but there’s something so freaking awesome about SoCal.   120 more words