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Summer Wine Brewery - Diablo

Diablo… the devil… and the question is … is this the devil we want or the devil we don’t… will it tempt us into a life of servitude to the El Diablo himself… or will it deliver us to the land of craft beer temptation… only time and the consumption of the Diablo will tell us the answer to this the age old question of the temptation of beer… Time then to slowly and cautiously open this bottle of Diablo and release the beast contained within the seal that to this point has protected the world from potential disaster…… LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!! 232 more words

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Summer Wine Brewery are based in Yorkshire and have got quite possibly the most retro beer labels you are ever going to see.  They look like something from a 1950s American TV show about college football – the sort of logos you’d see scrawled on a jocks sweatshirt. 160 more words

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The first thing to say about this pale ale is that the label on the bottle is seriously cool. 157 more words

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Summer Wine Brewery West Coast Pale Ale Oregon 5.5%

Summer Wine Brewery West Coast Pale Ale Oregon 5.5% 330ml

Love Summer Wine Brewery, first mentioned by @SourceDeliPaul @baron_orm @Judging_Jester @Christopher_R I’d not seen it till I was in…… @CotteridgeWines. 315 more words

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A New Look for Summer Wine Brewery

When I think of Summer Wine Brewery, I think of my early meets  – way back when – with James Farran and Andy Baker; listening to the duo as they rhapsodised about brewing, cars, biking, philosophy, films, music…anything, in fact. 581 more words


Summer Wine Brewery - Cohort (Double Black Belgian Rye-PA)

What an interesting name for a beer…. Double Black Belgian Rye-Pa … can’t say i’ve ever had a beer like this before & if i have i don’t recall… Oh & i haven’t had a beer from these guys before either! 401 more words

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Meet The Brewer - Black Jack Beers - Port Street Beer House - 20/05/2013

Ever had that feeling?

You know the one….when you look across a crowded room….you see someone and they look like the noose is about to be put around their neck. 1,314 more words