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I am happy to say Session A of this semester is over, and I have successfully completed it with out passing out, or keeling over. It is such a relief to be able to get off work and relax, rather than come home and get right on my computer to work on school. 374 more words


Return of the Pink Hat

Its 10:20 pm

Sitting here listening to a old radio broadcast of “The Green Hornet”,drinking iced coffee and glad I’m not outside driving. The cheetah and I were downstairs talking to Karen,our friend in Atlanta,online and watching CSI:Miami on the DVD player. 2,762 more words


End of an Era - Short Story to Music

This short story was written for a friend, meant to be read while listening to the song: “For Wanda by A Silver ft. Zion”

Even though the sun had set, it had accomplished warming the water that was wading onto shore. 407 more words

Literature - Short Stories

Lịch trình (lại) đi Thái

Không biết đây là lần thứ mấy nói câu này, nhưng chắc chắn là có thằng biến thái thầm thương bỏ bùa ngải vào bát Khaosoi nên mới có vụ nhảy dựng lên đi Thái trong vòng nửa năm. 784 more words


Tropics and Beaches

Notice how it’s been getting hotter lately? Our place has always been very pleasantly breezy but now, I don’t see the wind blowing the curtains as frequently as before and I feel the need to tie my hair up in a bun all the time. 261 more words


What Hail? Huntington Beach Was Literally The Hot Place To Be Friday

HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBSLA.com)  —  Four days ago, hail blanketed Huntington Beach.

Today, the beach was literally the hot place to be.

CBS2’s Michele Gile reported an increase in the temperature — 20 degrees worth of an increase — got the sun worshipers out in full force Friday. 243 more words


Wearable Trends: Don't Give Me That Cold Shoulder

Welcome back to the second post in the Wearable Trends Series. This time I will be focusing on outfits that emphasize your shoulders.

For this spring/summer, many designers are featuring tops and dresses that highlight your shoulders. 168 more words