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DIY leave in conditioner

I have recently been obsessed with DIYs !!

anyhoo…. I have A GREAT GREAT DIY for you people today.

we all know that this time of the season makes your hair dry as hell or rough as hell ;) 83 more words

Life After Eutopia

There’s something so life altering about music, the people who are completely addicted to it, and the true artists who devote every bit of their soul to it’s production. 281 more words

3 Drugstore Eyeshadow Palettes Perfect For Beginners

Makeup to me is like the universe, infinite. There’s new releases constantly by thousands of different companies, it’s like it’s never ending! If you’re a beginner, it’s hard to know where to start and can be a bit daunting. 370 more words


Char Siu Pork Shoulder Steaks - Part 1

The reason for this being over two posts is due to the marinading process, plus this isn’t my meal for tonight, it’s for tomorrow night. 297 more words


Social media snacks

Log on to any of your social media pages and you’ll be tripping over links to fast food recipes, many of them are healthy and nutritious, we’ve had a fair bit of success replicating some of those… 207 more words


The Truth About Spray Tans - The Good, The Bad & The Just Plain Ugly...

So here in the UK it’s apparently summer… And seen as there’s a lack of sun, a spray tan might seem like the best option to get that golden glow we’re all dying for. 1,087 more words