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Under the Stars with a Panoramic View

Calling all film buffs!

In the weekend I headed to Tobacco Dock to see The Goonies with a group of friends. We had bottomless popcorn in hand and magnificent views of the London skyline.  81 more words

Book review: 'Compost' by Clare Foster

From House and Garden‘s Garden Editor comes this charming little guide covering every aspect of composting. As Foster describes, composting is an accelerated imitation of the natural processes of decomposition that occur on a forest floor, a process that involves millions of organisms slowly digesting fallen leaves and dead vegetation, releasing the nutrients back into the soil for plants to use again. 716 more words


Thyme in the Ranch

I had the nicest afternoon and lunch at Thyme in the Ranch, my Mom’s favorite lunch spot in Rancho Santa Fe, on her birthday eve.  93 more words

It's a messy kind of day!

One of the biggest challenges I face as a mother of 3 (almost 4) year old twins is keeping them busy! They get bored very easily and althouhg they entertain themself quite a lot and play with each other sometimes they just want mummy to get involved too! 69 more words


Helianthus time again ...

a local cut your own farm (Burnside Farms) planted over 30 varieties of “cutting” sunflowers (Helianthus) on about six acres in successive crops to ensure at least six weeks of blooming flowers… 230 more words


Arrowhead Spider

This past weekend I spotted an unusual-looking spider at Huntley Meadows Park. I took this shot from a distance, so I didn’t capture all of its wonderful details, but it looks to me like a Triangulate Orb Weaver spider ( 62 more words