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Funny Wrestling Moments- Summerslam 96

A dark match at the start of Summerslam 96 between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Yokozuna. Before Stone Cold, could make his way to the main event, he had to make do with matches against the mid carders like Yokozuna, who was now slipping down the rankings and worryingly putting on more and more weight, in which he looked dangerously unfit and very slow. 199 more words


How to destroy The Authority

The Authority have been an excellent storyline for the past year or so but they are beginning to kind of outstay their welcome. This is how they should go out, with a big frickin’ bang. 518 more words


Raw Ramble, NJPW and Jerome from Brooklyn... 

So raw was ok, I enjoyed the Rollins/Neville… Roman Reigns got a pretty good pop, look at the progress.. His interview with Renee Young however, kind of freaked me out as he told Her “wait till you see what I do next” and proceeded to cock his wrist for the camera… I didn’t want to know what he does next after that… what you do on your time Roman is none of my business.. 889 more words


AJ Retires

What the fuck? I’m not sure of the whole story here with CM Punk seeing as I’ve only been watching consistently now since just before, Randy Orton, was taken out by the Authority, and benched for four months. 122 more words

WrestleMania 31

How I Would Book... Batista vs Brock Lesnar [PART 1]


Yeah! Continuity lives on in the Armbar Express! More than a year ago or so, I did a blog post on how I would book a dream match that I’ve always wanted to see… … 1,605 more words


SummerSlam Heatwave, & Another WWE Cross Over?

– This summer’s WWE live events will be branded as the”SummerSlam Heatwave” tour.

– Warner Bros. animation studios are currently working on more animated shorts that would feature Hanna-Barbera characters going up against WWE Superstars, according to PWInsider. 31 more words

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